Thom Pace - Yeh, Right!


Well it's late, you say we'll talk again tomorrow.
No one can keep a clear head late at night.
But when I asked if you were with him,
You said, "He never touched me!"
Yeh, right!

And that night I called you up to ask you over.
I thought you'd like to go and grab a bite.
And you said, "I'd love to honey,
But I don't have any money,
and I just can't let you pay!"
Yeh, right!

Well, how come I never saw this crap a-comin'?
I feel so used, like some old paper towel.
And I just can't feel no pity,
So go back to the city
But I'll think about those legs
And I'll just smile!

Did I ever tell you just how much I loved you?
I'll tell you now - it wasn't much at all.
And I just can't take your screamin',
So I guess there's really nothing to recall.

Well they say that love is always uninvited.
How come I'm uninvited every night?
But you think I'm gonna sit by
The phone until you retry
To make my life worth livin'.
Yeh, right!