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Care Bear Educare

Donny and Monika

Our Childcare was established as a Certified Childcare on September 14th 1998. In February of 1999 we went one step further and became a State Licensed facility. We are now open 12 hours a day and are State Licensed.

Hours of Operation:
None anymore

12 months - 10 years of age

A Registration Fee of $50.-

Infants through 1 years of age

1 to 2 years of age

2 years on up
$120/week, $25.00/day

Introduction of Staff:
Owner: Monika Scott (10-6-65), originally from Germany, has been State side since 1988. She lived in UT for nearly 11 years where she pursued an education in Psychology for 2 years while caring for hard-to-handle Teens as a Foster Parent. She moved to La Crosse, WI in July of 1998 with her two children David (10-6-84) and Jenny (7-1-87). In September she decided to start the Childcare at 1330 Adams Street in La Crosse. In July of 2001 she then moved the Childcare to the present address.

Monika’s son was married to Amanda on May 26th 2001 and her grandson Jason was born on August 26th 2001. On November 15th, 2004 the second grandchild Heather came along. Then on February 4th, their third grand-child, Joshua was born. Amanda graduated college for Early Childhood Education in 2007 and is the occasional Back-up Caretaker of the Center. David, having been part of the Daycare since it started, is also an Alternative Caretaker.

Jenny, Monika's daughter gave birth to Monika's 4th grand-child, Tommy, on February 6th 2007.

In May of 2002 Donny (7-30-68) and his three children Jessica (2-12-96), Emily (9-21-97) and Tydon (9-13-99) moved in. Monika and Donny were married on May 27th 2003 and Monika adopted his three children the following year. On March 23rd 2007 their child Benjamin was born. Donny was licensed alongside Monika on January 14th 2004, but has participated in the care of the children ever since he moved in.

Also part of the Childcare family are:
Liquorice and Sparkles the cats, Lita and Charley the dog, Mr. and Mrs. Bear the Hamsters, Ricardo and Lucy the Ringneck Doves and their Babies, Fish and outside there are 2 bunnies: Sarah and Pepper as well as our Chickens

We hope that this center will give you the joy and satisfaction
of being able to feel comfortable leaving your child in a safe and friendly environment
which strives to be