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January 27, 2017
Wow, so I have had Gastric Bypass Surgery on October 7th 2015. I have lost a tremendous amount of weight, but I feel I didn't lose enough for me to not lose anymore. I think once it turns spring again I will probably lose a bit more, but probably not as much as I was hoping. I was hoping to get down to 150 lbs. However, I'm a comfortable size 16 now and I would like to be in a 12. I think I may be able to do this yet, just not in winter when I don't do a whole lot to begin with. I am a lot more active than I used to be. I walk a LOT and I started running before winter hit. I even did the Turkey Trot this past Thanksgiving. I also do Zumba once a week and I tap dance once a week. I feel a lot better. I am not pre-diabetic anymore and I don't have high bloodpressure anymore. Yeah! You can see my surgery vids here: My Gastric Bypass YouTube Channel

December 12th, 2012
Looks like I'm going to make my goal of 255 lbs by New Years Eve! My next goal will be 245 lbs by June 1st 2013. Totally achievable, even though it's a bit more than what I've been given myself. I'm noticing that I've been getting better at passing by cakes and chocolates. I don't always do that, cause I DO want to eat some goodies and don't want to end up eating everything in sight cause I don't allow myself some num So... I ask myself this question "IS this taste worth the calories?"..sometimes the answer is yes!! Same hols true for seconds... sometimes I used to just stuff my face.. just to stuff it.. now...asking myself that question, I enjoy what I put in that mouth!!

July 18th, 2012
I saw my friend and sister-in-law shortly after gastric bypass surgery and I think that really scared me. I have been rapidly losing weight ever since then. an incident with Donny's 16 year old also put a lot of stress and depression on me and when I'm depressed I can't hurts... so in the past 6 days I've lost almost 7 pounds and it was really easy. I'm hoping to continue this...maybe not at this rate, but continue the loss regardless.

May 25th, 2012
Boy oh boy. I was going in the right direction until about January this year. Something happened to my feet and I ended up with tendonitis on both feet. I quit walking and I didn't do a whole lot. I slowly gained all of my weight back. Then I thought it would be a good idea to quit soda, so I don't take in the extra calories, but instead of losing weight, I gained an additional 8 lbs. Soooo, I'm slowly getting better with my feet. My right foot almost never hurts anymore..the tendon is still swollen, but the pain is gone most days. the left foot is getting better... I think... but I have been doing more again and I slowly lost the 8 lbs that I gained from quitting soda (I started drinking it again). I now started seeing a Nutritionist and I know I need to eat breakfast, but skipped it a lot of the times. Now I'm drinking a shake for breakfast (before I do anything else) or eat an actual no more skipping meals. In two days I lost another pound. Yeah!

I just joined a webring in regards to weight loss.

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August 8th, 2011
Ditto from below. I need to start getting serious though. I know I'm pre-diabetes and I do NOT want to get this diesease. I've been losing for about 6 weeks now and lost a little over 10 lbs. I'm slowing down a bit, but that's ok as long as I go in the right direction! Off to a new start!

January 4th, 2009
It's been a while. I took this off of my website cause I just didn't have time to nurture it NOR my weight. I'm going to try again. If I get pregnant (which we're going to start trying to this month) then I will continue, trying to eat good and not gain a lot. As long as I'm not pregnant, I'm trying to lose weight as much as I can before I get there.

October 7th, 2006
If you've been trying to follow my weight loss journey, I think you might've already realized that I'm pregnant and am not doing any of this right now, but I will be back once my child is born. So far I'm doing really good with the weight department while pregnant. I have only gained three pounds since I've gotten pregnant and I'm almost 18 weeks pregnant.

March 19th, 2006
Oh if it was only this easy. BUT, I am determined to get back in shape and I will do it with the help of the internet. This is going to be my new project and you will be able to go along on my weight loss journey and participate if you want to. If you send me a pic I will post it. Kinda fun doing it together, don't cha think? Also, since I want this to be interactive, I'm going to start a forum for YOU to speak your mind. This page is going to be my page to talk about information I gathered and stuff like that, but in the forum we can communicate. (Pathfinder closed their doors, so all of my blog entries got lost. :-( )


Yup, I will. I will work my way up to it at least. For now I will walk twice a week for at least half a hour. Tuesdays and Sundays, starting tonight. In all reality that isn't going to be much of a change. I've been doing that, but not EVERY Tuesday and Sunday. Exercise is important!

I got a bunch of exercise DVD's like Richard Simmons and Jane Fonda and I'm planning to get some more so I'll have variety.

I can have 2644 calories to maintain my weight so I can eat a whooping 2400 calories and still lose a pound a week.. well I guess I've done really well so far.. here is the link where they figure your calories to maintain Living a Healthy Lifestyle

I found this weight ticker at Fertility Friend. Kinda cool.
I figured out which Jane Fonda Aerobics tape I used to do and I STILL love it. It's Jane Fonda's New Workout and it has a Beginners and an Advanced on it. The Beginners is 35 minutes long and the Advanced 55 minutes. It's a lot of fun. However, I also like Richard Simmon's Sweatin' to the Oldies.
I have found another site to recalculate my calorie intake for the day. I think it might be a little more acurate. The other site doesn't seem to be working right now. Maybe it's just for the weekend, but I have to keep an eye on it and maybe take the link off if it doesn't work in the future. The link to the new site is:
I took some measurements today:
height: 5'6"
weight 250 lbs
Waist: 45 inches
Hips: 54 inches
Chest: 42.5 inches
Wrist: 6.5 inches (left)
Forearm: 11 inches (left)
Upper arm: 15 inches (left)
Upper leg: 26 inches (left)
calf: 18 inches (left)
Now that measurement I won't take again for a while. What it showed me is that I can take in 2534 Calories to maintain my weight. So I should stay around 2000 calories to lose a pound a week. My Body fat is at 32.61 % which is bad, but I only have to lose a little there to be in the acceptable limit. My waist to hips ratio isn't too bad and my BMI is bad at 39.54 (obese class 2).


Book Review
Title Author Comments
False Fat Diet Elson M. Haas, M.D., and Cameron Stauth This is the second book in my collection that I'm trying to conquer. I'm flying over the pages, but there is some very ineresting information and the kind even "I" can follow. He's talking about food reactions (aka allergies) and here is just a small part of what he's saying:
When I place patients on the False Fat Diet, it often helps them reach their full physical and mental potential. The diet does this by reversing many of the terrible conditions caused by food reactions. Look at this long list of problems that are often caused by, or exacerbated by, food reactions.
Arthritis, Asthma, Candidiasis, Cardiovascular disease, Chronic Fatigue syndrome, Chronic pain, Cognitive Disorders, Diabetes, Digestive Disorders, Eczema, acne, and hives, Fibromyalgia, Hay fever and airborne allergies, Headaches (especially migraines), Hyperactivity and attention deficit disorder, Hypoglycemia, Insomnia, Irritable bowel syndrome, Mood disorders, Sinusitis.
When food reactinos are eliminated, these problems are frequently cured or controlled.
This book has a lot of interesting information. However, it's almost as tough to follow as the "Last Diet" I read. However, I think getting an allergy test done and trying to elminate the foods from there is not too bad of an idea. I already avoid the foods I KNOW I'm allergic to.
Your Last Diet! Kathleen DesMaisons, Ph.D. This is the first book in my collection that I'm trying to conquer. Here is something out of the book I found interesting:
Volotile Blood Sugar
Blood sugar volatility affects your moods in a big way. When blood sugar rises, you feelg reat; when it falls, you get really cranky. Serotonin
Serotonin also acts as the brakes in your brain. Think of serotonin as the "just say no" chemical. If you have too little, you may have all the good intentions in the world, but chocolate chip cookies will hop into your mouth before you know it. You may feel you have no self-discipline or no willpwer. This is not a character flaw; it is biochemical and comes from low serotonin.
Interesting. It's true though.. food can be another trigger of being cranky just as the not enough sleep or being in pain can be. This book is not for me though. I refuse to give up Sugar completely. I can deal with less sugar, but I won't give it up all the way.


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