Thom Pace - Waiting For Their Time Epilogue


And did you hear me when I told you
That the ships would come at night
With the light of sunlight burning
And the hearts of women yearning
For a lover that's returning
From a long and distant flight

And did you hear me when I pleaded
For a love that never came
Was it August or September
When you finally did surrender
But by then all things had changed

But once the dreams came (there was nothing)
After the dreams
We never returned to the past
Did you think that it would last
After the dreams came

And did you hear me when I asked you
If you turned off all the lights
Don't want anything to see us
Maybe someone will come free us
But I don't think even Jesus
Could redeem us from this night

Do you hear anything
Be still
They can hear everything
Please listen
Do you hear anything
Ahhhh do you hear it