Are You a Type A or Type B?

Most people have some idea what it means to be a Type A Personality. They know that it hurts their health. What most people don't know though, is HOW MUCH of a Type A Personality they are and what they can do about it. Here is the test.

Mark every description that fits to you.


1. I accentuate key words when there's no reason to do so.
2. I speed up at the end of my sentence.
3. I move, walk and eat rapidly.
4. I hurry the speech of others.
5. I say "Yes, yes, un-huh, yes" constantly while others talk.
6. I get irritated at a slow car ahead of me.
7. I hate to wait in line or for an appointment.
8. I take over the work of others when I can do it faster and better than them.
9. I'm irritated with repetitious duties.
10. I hurry when I read, or read mostly summaries.
11. I think or do more than one thing simultaneously.
12. While listening, I think of other tasks.
13. While engaging in a hobby, I think of work.
14. Whiel driving, I listen to tapes.
15. I frequently bring the theme of conversation around to my expertise and interests.
16. I seldom do nothing for a few hours or days.
17. I pay little attention to birds, flowers, etc.
18. I tend not to remember decorations in a room or office.
19. I have little time for trivial things.
20. I have a tendency not to make allowances for unseen contingencies.
21. I take pride in working best under pressure.
22. I'm often challenged to compete and not let others "win".
23. I feel hostile toward aggressive people.
24. I have the tendency to use gestures in conversations, i.e., clenched fist, pound table, wave finger, etc.
25. I'm afraid to slow down.
26. I feel uncomfortable when less active.
27. I increasingly evaluate myself and work in terms of numbers.
28. I compare my numbers with the numbers of others.

Total your positive answers for section A


1. I never suffer from a sense of time urgency.
2. I'm not excessively competitive.
3. I do not harbor hostility and impatience.
4. I'm not driven to accomplish more and more in less and less time.
5. I value leisure and enjoy it without guilt.
6. I'm ambitious goal-directed in a paced, thoughtful manner.
7. My self-worth reflects life values not material and social success or peer comparisons.
8. I can problem solve in a thoughtful and creative manner.
9. I can allow spontaneity to occur within your life.
10. I'm completely free of all the habits and traits that were described in Section A.

Total your positive answers for section B


Now you can tally to see how much of a Type A you really are (subtract B from A. If there is something left over you are a Type A Personality). If you are a severe Type A and would like to do something about it, there are several books written about the topic and the internet is full of good information as well.

Type A Personalities usually live shorter lives than their Type B counterparts. Type B's also enjoy their time more than do Type A's.