Tubal Reversal


How it all began:
In July 1987 my daughter Jenny was born. Shortly afterward my ex said "Next time you get pregnant you'll either get an abortion, or you will get a divorce!" I had two children at that time. I would never get an abortion and at that time I didn't want a divorce. What I didn't know at the time though is that he'd been cheating on me for years. I found out soon after I had a tubal ligation though which was March 16th 1989. We ended up getting divorced in October 1990 after 7 years of marriage. He then remarried that December and his wife got pregnant soon after... should've made him get a vasectomy!


July 7th, 2004

This has been a long journey. It all started before I got married to Donny on May 17th, 2003. We had talked about it almost immediately after we started dating, but it wasn't really decided that we were going to actually go through with it until after we were married. I had always said in the past that I would've loved another child and if only I didn't have the tubal and find the man I would see fit to be a father and husband, I would love to raise a child the way I had wanted to raise my other two... with a father who was there for them... throughout all of their years growing up!

Shortly after I started going out with Donny, I knew he was the love of my life and I knew he was an awesome Daddy. I asked him if he wanted another child and he said he wouldn't mind. Those conversations always returned until we started talking about a reversal. Shortly before we got married I started researching Reversals and joined a few groups online. We also made an appointment with the local TR doc, Dr. Silva. We had a consultation and decided he was not the one we wanted our TR done with (he was just way too expensive). So on we searched.

For quite a while I was just "listening" to everyone in the groups, checking out the doctors they were using and finding out prices, locations, etc. I think Dr. Perez was kind of intriguing to me from the start. It was amazing to me that so many American Women went to see him. The more women I talked to who had gone to Dr. Perez the more I made up my mind to go to Rio Bravo as well. I joined the Mexico Reversal group on July 10th, 2003 being pretty sure that's where I would end up. Again, I was just "listening" in for the most part and writing every once in a while to women who left for their surgery.

My original date was May 17th, on our anniversary! However, I got a little nervous and we also realized that money would be tight, so we never scheduled with Dr. Perez. We moved our date forward to August.. sometime in the latter part. I went to my Pastor and had him pray over me for the fear of the TR I was having. Then in May I started getting antsy. At first we wanted to take a new Van down there, but I figured out that it was better to wait with a new van until our house was done, so we looked at airfare. On May 28th I booked Dr. Perez and on May 29th I bought the plane tickets. Now there was no way out anymore. I sealed the deal so to Time has gone by soooo quick since then it's unbelievable. Only 10 more days till my surgery and only 1 more week until we leave for McAllen, Texas. I'm really excited. I have no more fear, am only a little nervous about the pain. God has placed me where he wants me and has given me the finances and the stability I need to proceed! God is good!


July 13th, 2004

It's getting really close. I have all of my documents ready, my video camera and my picture camera packed and I have the clothes bought I needed for the trip. But oooooh boy is there a lot to do yet. Due to the daycare I have to get all the food situated so David and Mandy (they're running the Daycare) know where stuff is and know what to make. I still have to pack the kids' stuff, cause they're going to Grandma Linda's house. I haven't packed mine yet either, just got the cameras ready and bought the clothes I wanted for the trip. I'll pack the kids' stuff today and mine tomorrow. I'm soooo excited!!!! I can't wait to shop too. I probably won't write again until after the trip!


July 21st, 2004

Well, well, I'm back home! I had a great experience for the most part. I hate airplane rides, and I'm too fat for their seats to be comfortable, so that part was kinda messed up, but I made the best out of it and got two balls of yarn used up for Jenny's blanket.

My lengths are 6 - 7 cm on both sides. I had 4 clamps in there, not only 2. I guess that doc wanted to make sure I don't get pregnant anymore.. HA!

the airplane we took
This is the airplane we took from Memphis to McAllen.
It was SMALL!!!

Let me start from the beginning though..
I want to be as in detail as possible so I can help the ladies that are in the midst of their journey yet, or possibly haven't even started their journey.

We left La Crosse on Thursday morning and got to McAllen at 9:30 at night. It's a very small airport and things are pretty easy to find. We stayed at the Residence in (wonderfully HUGE and close to the airport for $89.-/night for a one bedroom apartment type room with full kitchen and shuttle service. They picked us up from the airport.

Residence Inn

Residence Inn

Residence Inn

Residence Inn
Donny in the livingroom

Residence Inn

Residence Inn

Residence Inn

Residence Inn

Friday morning, they drove us around and we got us a Wheelchair from Principle Medical Supplies cause I wanted to go sight seeing after the operation with my hubby (and we did). Then we went to Enterprise and rented us a car from Friday morning till Monday night with 3 days of Mexican Insurance and 3 days of American Insurance and I paid $178.- total.

Enterprise Rental Car
We rented a 2003 Chevrolet Cavalier
They told us Dodges are High risk cars to go to Mexico in cause they're stolen so much
(figure that one
Enterprise Rental Car

Afterward, we took off to South Padre Island and oooooh am I soooo thankful to the couple of people who told me to go there. It was a wonderful experience, even though we didn't have a lot of time. If you end up going there and you're on the way on 100, you HAVE to stop at a place called Seven Seas. They have two humango seashells in the front of the building. I bought a bunch of windchimes, seashells and other stuff there to take home for a little bit of nothing (they had a buy one get one free at the time).

Seven Seas

Seven Seas

Seven Seas

Seven Seas

At South Padre Island we went into the Golf of Mexico. We changed in an empty parking lot and then bought some towels at Wal Mart to dry back off. There is a lot of Public Beach Access, we just didn't see any places to change at.

South Padre Beach

South Padre Beach

South Padre Beach

South Padre Beach

South Padre Beach

Now to my first serious tip.... if you're like me and you don't like taking cash with you (the money for the operation)... I took a Cashiers check with me thinking I can cash that anywhere... WRONG!!!! I'm glad we bank with Wells Fargo too (not who the check was from) and were able to actually cash it Saturday morning right there in McAllen's Wells Fargo Branch.

So, we went to Rio Bravo Friday night going through Progreso (which was getting ready to close and actually was kind of scary) and got lost in Rio Bravo (we didn't bring the map from the site of Dr. Perez)

Rio Bravo
This is what the typical neighborhood looks like by the hospital

We drove around for a hour trying to ask locals who didn't speak English but were pleasantly nice and we got closer and closer by asking "Hospital de las Americas?" I know how to count and people tried really hard to make me understand which way to turn. Finally we did I was so glad to see the hospital.

Hospital De Las Americas

Hospital De Las Americas

Dr. Levy was in surgery and everyone thought we were going to stay for the night, so they brought us to the room, brought us blankets, pillows and toilettepaper (we brought some but didn't need it). The room was clean. There was a "hole" in the middle of the rooms outside when you looked out the window and we were wondering why the building was built like that, but I really didn't care.. it was on the outside, not on the inside and the inside was clean and comfortable and looked nice.

Hospital Room
This is the hospital room we were in.
It was the first room to the left.
The room was divided into three sections
Hospital Room
The second section was a little "sitting room" area

Hospital Room
Then in the third section there is the shower to the right,
toilet to the left and the sink in the middle.
Hospital Room

I did not get hot the whole time I was there. They had the air on AND they had a fan in the room. Things there are a little out-dated compared to the high-tech American hospitals, but it's alright. Finally I walked out of the room and someone introduced me to Dr. Levy who was still in scrubs. We explained that we wouldn't be able to stay due to us having to cash the check and he said it was no problem we would just do the surgery after I came back from the bank. So we left that night. He was really friendly and understanding, even said for us to stay and spent the night in the hospital and go to McAllen to the bank in the morning, but I wanted to be right there first thing in the morning. We stayed in a hotel right by Wells Fargo in Pharr and it was icky. I can't even remember what it was called (something like Sun Duck or Deck or something like that), but we spent 35 bucks and it wasn't worth 10 (we asked for a Queen bed, were given a Full and the guy insisted it was a Queen)... oh well... we got to the bank and got back to the hospital at 10 am.

My operation was scheduled for 2 pm. I thought time was never going to go by, but things went pretty quick. They came to wheel me out with the wheelchair and I got to meet Dr. Perez in front of the OR (just a quick.. this is Dr. Perez). My husband was getting his scrubs on while they told me to get into a fetal position for the epidural. While they were pushing on my back it did hurt a little bit, but I account that to my having Fibromyalgia and I got Triggerpoints by my spine which hurt when pressed on. However, Dr. Moreno gave me something that made me go to sleep BEFORE they even started my epidural. I'm glad too, cause I HATED having my legs numb and not feeling anything down there. Anyway, I woke up several times during the surgery, but too out of it to really notice that my legs were numb and asked how long my tubes were (almost 7 cm on both sides was the answer) I felt soooo good and went back under. My husband taped the whole procedure. To tell the truth... I never saw the cross... was too busy with getting into a fetal position and watching them giving me the shot that made me go to sleep. I did notice that the bed I went on was just like the one I had gall-bladder surgery in the US. The room was cool and clean. It didn't smell funny, nor did it look weird. Just like a normal OR I would say. Anyway, I have one puncture for my epidural. I do remember waking up a couple of times, but I don't remember them wheeling me back into my room. My husband videotaped the whole procedure from the initial cut to the sowing me shut

Dr. Perez
This is Dr. Perez working on me.
And in this next picture you see Dr. Perez and Dr. Levy.
Dr. Perez and Dr. Levy

Dr. Levy and Dr. Moreno
This is Dr. Levy sowing me back up with a helper
and Dr. Moreno the Anesthesiologist is standing over my head
And this lady was in the OR as well helping out

Monika coming to
Here I'm waking up,
but I don't remember my way back to the room
And this is what they took out of me
the clips

By the way, I was on my period and they did accommodate me very well. It was a little embarrassing to me, but evidentally they dealt with that more than once.

Me back in the room
And here I'm finally back in my room.

They gave me meds every 8 hours and I wasn't in much pain at all. I DID NOT get more of the epidural (own choice). It stayed in, but I let the epidural itself run out or whatever you call it. I asked Dr. Levy if I had to have more of that and he said no... not if I liked pain... well, I don't like pain, but I didn't like that icky numb feeling either. And like I said, I wasn't in that much pain. I think the worst part of surgery was having the epidural in (as in having numb legs you can't feel) and having it and the catheter taken out and later having to pee all the time. The pain in itself isn't all that bad and wasn't all that bad the whole time. I have had a lot worse pain in my life and thought it would be a lot worse than it actually was.

My tubal itself was a lot worse than the reversal. I was up showering and walking the next morning and left the hospital at 10 am Sunday. I did use the wheelchair quite a bit and had one at the airport going home too. I probably could've done it without, but I'm glad I didn't have to. Getting up and sitting down is still a little sore. I walk a lot better already. I think the worst pain was getting in and out of bed, up and down from sitting position and standing bend over (the epidural spot hurt then).

If there's one thing I can tell anyone going in the future is "Bring an american/spanish translation dictionary. It helped me quite a bit. I wanted some ice and with the help of my dictionary I got ice. They try really hard, but if they don't understand, well than they can't help you. I even got the nurse to try to place a call to my son after surgery by telling her "Mi telefono mi casa" and gave her the number in spanish (but it was busy). They were all very friendly and tried hard. You do have to realize that you ARE in Mexico. Things are different. People in Texas speak spanish and English all over, but once you cross that border, there are not that many people who speak English, at least not fluently.

I got a picture with Dr. Levy, Dr. Perez, my hubby and me before I left the hospital. Dr. Perez smiled at me and squeezed my hand before he walked out of the room again. I ASKED to have that picture done and I got it. If you want to meet Dr. Perez, ask! He wasn't a ghost to me. He seems to be EXTREMELY busy though. Dr. Levy bought us some brunch before I left the hospital. He was going to take my hubby somewhere the night before, but I think I was "too up" cause he never did. Donny and I were just in the room watching tv and stuff.

All of us
Dr. Perez, Monika, Donny and Dr. Levy

Before I left the hospital, Dr. Levy asked if we had any questions and I did ask about the Epidural headache, because it's kind of a common thing to experience and he said just to lay down immediately and stay on your back for 12 hours straight, don't get up and it should go away on it's own. I never got a headache so I didn't have to worry about it and so it didn't matter to me.

The only thing we did the rest of Sunday was go to Wal Mart to buy some food and then relax at the hotel. Monday we went into Progreso again and bought a bunch of stuff. This time all the shops were open and we left the car in the US and my hubby pushed me in the wheelchair "all the way to Mexico and back" like he likes to point We bought a sombrero and a couple of other things. Later we brought the wheelchair and the car back and let the hotel (Residence Inn again) pick us up and we spent the rest of the day there.

The Border
Coming back across the Rio Bravo/Pharr Border

I didn't need a pillow, cause I asked for one in the airplane and I tightened my seatbelt around the pillow really tight so my belly wasn't flopping over the incision (if you're not fat you won't have to do Also, when walking if I hold my tummy up I have a lot easier time walking.

Another thing you might wanna bring is some tape for the bandage they put on you, cause the things they put on there to hold it together kept coming off and breaking. I ended up going without bandage starting Monday, even though the nurses said to keep it on manana (meaning tomorrow which was Monday) and it does hold the bellyflap up, which makes it more comfortable.

In 10 days my hubby will take my stitches out and I will make an appointment to get an HSG in 2 1/2 months before I try to get pregnant.

Well, that's my story. It was something let me tell ya. I would do it again in a heart-beat, but I think I might go a little earlier to get a little extra time at South Padre Island and shopping in Mexico.

If you have any questions, just ask away. No loving for 15 days and then only with condom for 2 months. So we won't even think about babydust for a while


I took myself off of the pain medication due to the side-effects I ALWAYS get from everything. I haven't taken any of my given pain-meds since midnight last night and I'm doing fine. I took a Tylenol Arthritis instead. Of course I'm still taking my Antibiotics. The side-effects I experienced with the meds from Mexico were dizziness and my heart palpitations were coming back. I was looking up the meds earlier and it says that it's the same as Naproxyn. If that's the case, I understand, cause I had side-effects from that before too. No biggy though I'm not hurting enough to care.


Mexican Stop

July 22nd, 2004

One of the ladies in one of my Tubal Reversal Groups gave me the following explanation of why to use a condom for the first 3 months:

Why they want you to wait 3 cycles to try to start conceiving is that sperm is naturally an irritant to the female flora in the reproductive tract. I have learned this in my medical classes. If you have an open wound an irritant can possibly cause scar tissue to form and you do not want scar tissue to form on your newly repaired tubes. This way if your tubes by chance do become blocked after the reversal sperm irritation can be ruled out. Not everyone will get scar tissue from trying sooner than 3 cycles, but it is a risk. I know ladies who have gotten pregnant 1 cycle after reversal, it is just a safety precaution that Dr Perez gives.


September 24th, 2004

Sometimes it's a pain to always use a condom and I'm getting tired of waiting for ttc. However, I am going to wait at least until early October before I quit using condoms. I have gone this far, I'm not about to sabotage myself.


November 13th, 2004

Well I started to BD and Fertility Friend shows I have a good chance of getting pregnant this month. I will be able to test on the 27th unless AF is coming on the 26th.


April 10th, 2005

Wow, it's been a while. I didn't try for a while here, due to stress and some health issues. I'm back in the game now though. I sort of tried this month without even knowing it could still be a Christmas baby (I didn't really want one around Christmas). Oh well, I guess if it happens it happens.


June 16th, 2005

Boy, I can't believe it's been 11 months since my tr and I've only really ttc'd 3 times. I really need to get on the ball, don't I?! Well, I made a committment that at least for the next two months I will ttc religiously.. meaning I will take temps every morning and I will do the babydance when it says I should. I might take a break again after a couple of months, depending on what's going on in my life at the time. I might get an HSG done at that time if I'm not pregnant yet, but I'm not so sure about it. Sometimes I wonder if I really should get another one. I mean I'll be 60 when my baby is 20? Ouch!!! On the other hand I think there are plenty of older women having babies and I won't be the only one around that's a little older with an infant. Hmmm, I guess if it happens it happens and if it don't it don't. I definitely would love and adore another child!

August 18th, 2005

Well, this is my 3rd month since my tr that Fertility Friend said I have a high chance of getting pregnant. If I did get pregnant this month, I would give birth right around my 3rd wedding anniversary, or my 4th anniversary of when we met. I'm ready now and we had Pastor pray over us last month.

September 7th, 2005

I'm going to have to skip this month again. I think I might not even bother taking temps anymore. I was going to take temps so I would know when the child would born once I got pregnant, but it's such a pain to remember and I figure when I get pregnant I can always calculate as long as I write down when I have af. so I guess when it happens it happens and I will write then.

November 13th, 2005

I've decided to lose some weight. If I end up getting pregnant before I'm done that's fine I'm just going to try not to gain more than 15 lbs during pregnancy. Can't be that hard. Seems to be fairly easy to lose the weight. I'm not jumping over hoops and I've already lost 5 lbs in less than two weeks. I really would like to have another child and I would like to have it soon. I'm praying that I will be pregnant before I'm 41. I will get a HSG if I'm not pregnant yet in February 2006. I might go to Germany in May.. would be nice if I was 3 or 4 months pregnant. Maybe I would go to Dr. Haselmayer to have an Ultrasound done and get checked out if he's not retired by now. I love that man. He was my OBGYN for David. Anyway, I haven't really kept temps or anything, just figure if it happens it happens, but like I said if I'm not pregnant by February I'll have a HSG and then whatever necessary after that, that is affordable. Who knows, maybe the weightloss is all I will need.

February 2nd, 2006

Well, the weightloss went out the window during the holidays and am just now getting back into it. I gained a little back from the holidays too. I went to see Dr. Silva today to get an HSG done and my tubes are wide open!!! YEAH, I CAN get pregnant. So it's just a matter of time. I'm going to start temping again tomorrow and we're really going to try for the next couple of months. If I'm not pregnant by May 2006, I will go back to Dr. Silva to get some Clomid or something. I'm also back to the weightloss now.

July 4th, 2006

The TR was successful. I've thought for two days now that I'm pregnant and today the test was positive. My due date is March 12th. It took 2 years and we never even really tried but three months in those two years. Now my daughter and daughter-in-law are pregnant and I get to experience my pregnancy with the people I care most about. Right now I'm loving the world!!!
I don't know how good my Spanish is, but here goes:
No sé bueno es mi español, pero aquí voy:
Gracias el Dr. Perez. ¡Usted nos ha dado un milagro y seremos por siempre agradecidos a usted y a su equipo!


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