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The Idaho Native, born in Boise on January 13th 1949, graduated Pocatello High in 1967 and is currently residing in Coeur d'Alene. He started performing with a band at the young age of 14 and remembers having to go outside during breaks in clubs because 15 was too young to be inside while not playing. After countless hours of club performances he decided 12 years of this was enough, packed his bags and moved to Los Angeles California.

thom Maybe

In 1974, a couple of years prior to his move, he wrote the song 'Maybe', which was originally written for the movie 'Snow Tigers'. In the same year, this song was used as the closing song in the movie 'The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams'. The song 'Wear the Sun in Your Heart' was used as the opening song for the same movie. Then, in 1977 the song became the title song for the series with the same name.


Not until the series aired in Germany in 1979 was Thom recognized for his song. In May 1979 'Maybe' placed rank 14 in the British Hitparade and in October 1979 it ranked 1st in the German charts for a solid 9 weeks. Thom ended up with the 'Goldene Europa' Award, Europe's version of the Grammy Award for Best Song of 1979, as well as a Gold Record. He continued to write songs for several movies and is still active in music today.


For a while Thom tried to seperated himself a bit from the music industry and moved to Hawaii where he owned and operated Hawaii's first helicopter business in Hilo, flying tourists over Hawaii's wonderous Volcanoes. He did release a not well known vinyl album called 'Pace Yourself' while there. After moving back to Idaho he released his CD 'Not in Compliance' in 2002.

Maybe Vinyl Maybe
The only way you can get this vinyl 45
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Maybe is available on a single CD
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not in compliance CD Who I Am
Not In Compliance
Yeh Right
Sons And Daughters
Down To Hell
Part Of You
America Plays
Class Baby Class
Silver Cloud
Midnight School Blues
Wear The Sun In Your Heart/Maybe
Dead Guy
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slices CD Personal Greeting
Shock The Earth
I'll Take The Blame (new version 1999)
Tired Of Livin' (2001)
Nightbird (Hollywood, 1981)
Shadows (written with Steven Isham)
Drunk Likes Me (1999)
Satisfied (2005)
Work Of Art (2004)
Love At Last (L.A., 1986)
Better Times (1991)
Work Your Way (1984 live at the Palamino Club in Hollywood)
Class Baby Class (1984 live at the Palamino Club)
Brother John (1984 live at the Palamino Club)
He Waits For You (1983)
Never Had The Time (2004)
Waiting For Their Time
(with Prev. unrecorded verse)
Waiting For Their Time Epilogue (2003)
Demo for the movie 'Snow Tigers' (1973)
Maybe (European Hit Version)
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Bonus CD Make Up Your Mind (Take #4)
More Of Your Love
Clear The Way (Live at the Palamino Club)
Nightbird (Live at the Palamino Club)
Rock And Roll Band (Live at the Palamino Club)
In Your Eyes
Heartbeat Away
Quiet Fire
Drunk Likes Me (Country Version)
Dark Waters
You Can
Gotta Hold On

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