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Ok, this is going to be a little different from the other pages I have. These links are all of Spiritual nature...may it be Religion or the Paranormal. I believe many things are possible. I'm not the judge of what is good or bad, nor am I in power to dictate of what others practice. I don't like people ridiculing others for what they believe in.
Here a little history of me: I've been raised in an atheist family. However, I've always known there was more. I think I was about 14 or 15 when I started talking to what most Westerners would call "God". I would go out in the forest to one certain tree and have conversations with the unseen, yet powerful force that made me feel so warm and good. Sometimes it literally felt like someone put a warm blanket around me or gave me a comforting hug. There was definitely energy out there!!! I studied many religions during my life. I think it was in 89' when I was baptized Mormon... and even though it was all for the wrong reasons, I could feel what some call the Holy Ghost rush through me. I grew very discontent with the church due to the way they were treating people, specifically me, and quit going all together. Shortly after that, I called myself a witch and studied White Witchcraft. I didn't mess with spells much, but did use the Tarot and called on the spirits. I studied some more... Jehovah Witnesses, Church of Scientology, just to name a few, but I always came back to a type of Pagan sprinkled with some Eastern Relgion. For a while, my church of choice was Living Word Christian Church.. a Non-Denominational Church (which I now know stands for Born Again Christian Church). When I first set foot in this church and listened to Pastor Mark Clements, I felt he was preaching in spirit and I felt the energy in that church building. This was to be my church and this was to be my Pastor! He was so filled with spirit!!! Since they have moved to the "new church" I don't feel the same way. Something went amiss. The energy is gone. I still went occasionally, but now have not attended for several years. I was also living a lie while attending, cause even though I felt the energy and I thought Pastor was very spiritual, I still didn't believe in a lot he was preaching.

I just keep coming back to the times when I was talking to spirits and called myself a Witch. I don't call myself a Witch anymore, because I don't really believe in the Wiccan religion which Witches are mostly catagorized into, but I guess I can call myself somewhat of a Pagan. I don't really have time to "nuture" my religion, but I know there are good forces out there I could communicate with if only I would take the time to listen!!!


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I believe in a Higher Power. I believe this Higher Power loves us all, regardless of how we look, or who we are, etc. I believe in "Angels" who guide us and help us. I also believe that there are Demons or bad spirits...call it Devil if you will... and we have to be careful not to fall prey. I don't think it's much different as it is in this plane...we have bad people and we have good people... why should it be different on a different plane?! However, I do not believe in Hell so to speak!
I also believe that we, as humans have powers that we can only imagine, but that we are not nearly wise enough to use them all until we are one with the universe. I believe that we can all be prophets at times, that things "come" to us if we just let them... are not afraid and let them in.
I believe that you have to be careful when dealing with means to "foresee the future" (or prophesying) for I believe that evil can filter through more easily then some of us may think. I believe in the powers of putting out your energy, also called Prayer by many, but also receiving this same energy!
I believe we are here on earth to learn and gain knowledge! I also believe we will have to work through things again and again if we don't learn them the first time around (as in Karma). I do believe in re-incarnation!!
There ARE miracles! I believe the bible comes from a true source and I believe Jesus was real. I believe important information has been left out of the bible by the catholic church ions ago and things have been translated in a way they could understand back then, which means it may not always be the true meaning of what was written... I mean just picture a UFO in the sky in 1215... if an alien visited us and said "I am your God" they probably believed him!

I know there is a spiritual world! I have had experiences talking to my grandmother on the other side as well as having felt the protective powers of my guardian Angel. I know this to be of good! I guess in all, I'm a mutt of many religions...in my eyes.. there is no ONE TRUE religion!


People only see what is visible, measurable; God sees the heart! He not only forgives our failures, He sees successes where no one else does - not even ourselves. Only God can give us credit for the angry words we did not speak, the temptations we resisted, the patience and gentleness little noticed and long forgotten by those around us. Just being human gives us value in His eyes and trying to live with integrity makes us successful before Him. God redeems us from the sense and the fear of failure because He sees us as no human eye can see us. Some religions teach that God sees us so clearly that He knows all our shameful thoughts and nasty secrets. I prefer to believe that God sees us so clearly that He knows better than anyone else, our wounds and sorrows, the scars on our hearts from having wanted to do more and do better, and being told by the world that we never would!


The following links are to educate only. They by no means mirror what I practice, nor necessarily believe. However, they do go through the steps of educating that I went through to get to where I am today. So keep an open mind when you thumb through these pages and use them for educational purposes only. Remember, just because you don't understand something, you can't proof that it's true, or you're afraid of it, doesn't mean it's non-existent or even bad. Nor does everything that feels good come from a good source. Sometimes we make snap-judgments because of a name, or affiliation. Most of the time, we can't be sure until we do a little research and even then, some things just cannot be proven. It's also good to know who our enemies are and what we're up against. Makes sense? Then go jump into a journey of learning & discovering. Have fun!!

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If you believe in an afterlife
then you begin to look at death as a transformation
only slightly more drastic than puberty."


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