Thom Pace - Sons and Daughters


Sons of the night dreaming waves of crystal fire
Mad with passion steeped in darkness
Made-up names for new beginnings
Lie in wait for some lost soul like the

Daughters of summer showing hints of tenderness
But they're hard with longing lost in rapture
Looking for another reason
To refrain from going home

And don't believe the reasons that they give to one another
Despair is in their eyes
They've told so many lies that they believe in the

Children of midnight when they lead them so alone
Through a passage lined with sorrow
Never once do they remember
That a love was never known

Mothers and fathers there's not much time to realize
Where the demons are residing
But they call you from the darkness
Right behind your child's eyes

But the worst part of being blind is not that you were left behind
But you have no clue who did this to you
You never knew