Thom Pace - Satisfied


One day remembered
a fantasy surrendered
a moment that was lost in time

Reason never found me
I was hiding in their mem'ry
but eventually you read my mind

Baby we were never really edged in stone
doesn't really matter but I think we've shown
there is more to love? than pain

And I don't really ask much in return
only that you promise not to burn
all the bridges that we built when we were sane, oh yeah

Call it what you want to
but I knew I loved you
I wanted to arrange a time
When we could understand us
and the universe would hand us
a treasure we could both define

Maybe we were never really meant to wait
for another life that's far too late
from the time and place we've seen

and I guess I met you long ago
in another world I must've known
but it might have been a dream
might have been a dream

Harmony inside us
melodies will guide us
through a song that leads our way
dancin' through a lifetime
to rythms in our own minds
and hearing what the words will say ahh..

Maybe all we wanted was to steal away
through another night we had to save
from the bitter cold of last goodbyes oh

And I find I made my heart respond
When you understood that it was all so timed
But we'll be satisfied

Will be satisfied

Gotta make the sun decide to stay