Rubber Face
What a difference a face makes


Rated PG, 48 Minutes

Starring: Jim Carrey


Here is what the cover has to say:
Comic Superstar Jim Carrey is hilarious as slap-stuck Tony Maroni in this funny story of one truly cracked comedian.The spotlight's on. Your energy's high. The audience is captive. But whether reeling off one liners in comedy clubs or doing impromptu impressions in public, Tony's act needs help. Luckily he hooks up with Janet, a witty but withdrawn joke writer who soon coaches Tony into his most riotous routines yet. But when Tony's talent and Janet's pride are put to the test, it's a set up for an amusing and unexpected punchline. Wtih a style all his own, let Jim Carrey show you why he is one of today's comedy superstars.


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