Poems from Walt Goodridge
"I share what I know, so that others may grow"
-- (c) Walt Goodridge --
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The Life Tide

Against the tide at times in life
It seems that you will swim
When nothing seems to go quite right
And prospects start to dim

But know that days will soon be bright
It won't be always thus
So curse not the departing tide
Try not to make a fuss

Like oceans life flows high and low
You'll never know just when
The tide of life will roll back in
And good times come again

Keeping Perspective

In the heat of the moment
Your vision often gets blurred
Responses miss what was said
And instead hit what was heard

In the maze of inner anger
You get lost with no way out
Actions lead you nowhere quickly
And love gets cast in shadows of doubt

Just step away to gain perspective
You'll see anew when you return
When time is used to wait for answers
You'd be surprised at what you learn

The Next Soul Step

Is it time for me to move on?
Is that what this is all about?
For it seems the clues I'm getting
Have gone from whispers to a shout

Should I explore some other options
See what lies out there ahead?
Or should I give this one more chance
Work on reviving it instead?

Maybe I've learned all I can learn here
See all that there is to see
Elevated my mind's awareness
Took a soul step from A to B

For when the journey seems too stressful
Beyond the normal ups and downs
Look for the path of least resistance
That's where your next step can be found

Boy can I relate to Walt's last poem. That's pretty much why I moved from Salt Lake City, UT to La Crosse, WI. It just got too stressful in Utah...it didn't "feel right" anymore. And you can put this poem in any of your life's situation...relationships, work, the place you live, etc. For me, living here in La Crosse "feels" right. And I have been more successful here than I could've ever dreamed of being in Salt Lake City. I love this piece of earth for some reason.

However, I think sometimes we can make it too stressful on ourselves.
For I think if my mind would've thought I could do all of this in Salt Lake, I would've been able to and I would have. Having my mind made up that I will be a success in Wisconsin is why I have been successful in Wisconsin.
-- Monika --

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