Roadangel's Poem Corner

All of these poems are written by me and have copyright.
They may not reflect the standards of regular poems,
but they are written from deep within my heart
My heart does not know American Poem standards.
Feel free to use them and pass them on,
but please keep my signature on the bottom.



The pretty nature of today
is the garbage from yesterday.
The exhaust gases are poisoning the air
the ozon layer is going bankrupt
and it's raining paper in the park

A playground is getting destroyed
and a supermarket is the new recreation area.
Wonder when the last tree on the outskirts of town will go down
It won't be long until nature of today
has destroyed the nature of yesterday
And there won't be any nature tomorrow.
-- Sunshine 82 --



I'm sitting in school
I'm waiting for the hours to pass,
'cause there's nothing going on in my life today.

The teacher is writing all over the blackboard.
My eyes can't focus anymore.
I see you before me and I'm smiling.

I'm thinking that you're so far away now,
Yet you're still so close.

Now I can't hear the teacher anymore.
He can say what he wants.

I'm back at your place.
But I' ve never been here before.
I like your room,
It has a touch of romance - just like I remember you.

Oh, what's that?
My neighbor is pushing me, it's my turn.
I'm back in this cold classroom. It was all just a dream.
Too bad !!!
But it was nice and one day it'll be reality.

I can imagine how wonderful it will be
to walk with you through the snow
-arm in arm-

School is over. Now where do I go?
out in the snow. All alone.
I'm walking and I'm dreaming
Your tenderness and your kisses.
Find me again, 'cause I long for you so much.
-- Sunshine 2-4-82' --
I wrote this for my lost love from a previous life in the late 1800's


What ?

Laughing 'till death, happy on earth,
Christianity in the world, peaceful in poverty.
Talking quietly, dancing happily
damned by the devil and loved by god.
-- Sunshine 3-24-82 --


Love Is

Love means
sadness and longing when he's gone.
Heaven mirrors in his eyes
when you look at him.

A beautiful body when he moves.
Tenderness when he touches you.
Kisses so soft and warm.
Peacefulness when you lay in his arms.

Happiness when he's with you.
Feeling special when he thinks of you.
And alive when he looks at you.
So wonderful in one

and awful words
have no place in love.
-- Sunshine 3-25-82 --



It's raining. I'm looking out of the window.
Pit, pat, raindrops are knocking on my window.
I'm thinking of you.
The stores' window on the other side of the street
It's lighting up this gray and rainy day.

Around me, there's nothing but naked trees.
Not a good place to be dreaming,
The rain is making it possible.
With every pit I can see you
and with every pat I'm hearing your voice
It almost feels like you're standing beside me.

Endless hours are passing
A long time.

My mother is coming in my room
I'm dreaming it's you.
I whisper your name.
My mother is talking
I dream that it's you.
She's getting louder
I'm dreaming you're yelling at me.
She's shaking me and I wake up.

She wants me to go shopping.
I put on my raincoat, grab the bag, and walk to the store.
Everything there is romantic.

The bells are going off as I open the door.
Still in the trance of my dreams,
I tell the clerk what I need, pay, and leave again.

The rain has quit and the sun is shining.
To the right a beautiful rainbow has formed.
I feel endlessly lonesome.

Car-breaks squeal.
I scream.
I feel warm.
My head buzzes.

I can't see anything besides the bright sun.
I hear a siren.
Where am I?
What happened?

A hand is grabbing my arm.
Another is resting on my head.
It's so hard for me to open my eyes.
I can feel that it's raining.

I hear a voice.
You're crying.
I can hear mothers tearful voice.
I hear a voice saying that I'm gonna have a tough life.
Iíll need mothers strength.
I hear you say that you can't handle this.

I hear a door close.
It's raining in my heart.
My soul is crying.
You left me.

Pit, pat, raindrops are knocking on the wall of my heart,
I loved you so.
-- Sunshine2-6-82' --


Thoughts of Loneliness

I'm sitting in my room,
listening to songs which we used to listen to together.
Those songs used to make me so happy.
Now, every time I listen to them-tears come into my eyes,
'cause I think of you and feel lonely.

I believe that you forgot about me a long time ago
and about all the nice times we have had together.
I also believe that some day, I will find another love.
But I also know,
that every time I hear a song we used to listen to,
I will think of you!

And every time I cry, I will cry a tear for you.
And in my happy moments, I will remember how nice you used to be
and how I learned love and tenderness from you.
There is one thing I know I will never forget:
You were afraid of telling me you're sorry.
-- Sunshine 11-3-82 --


A Prayer - Feeling Paralyzed

I'm sitting here in my wheelchair
Felling all alone and blue
Mother went to work today
and Dad has gone to you

All alone-I'm reading now
No friends, no soul no fun
Please help me Lord! I trust in you
Something has to be done

Let me meet just someone
who understands the me
Someone I can put trust in
Someone the chair won't see

I never knew how hard it could be
-- Sunshine 6-2-85 --



You look so sad
I noticed that the first minute you walked in the room
You can't fool me
I could tell you so many things - like he isn't worth it
But you would continue thinking your own thoughts - being sad
That's why I gave you the letter
It was supposed to show you that at least I feel with you
You're not alone - I think of you so often
I would give so much for us to be 16 again
Living next door to you - the way we used to do
I would do many things differently - I'm sure you would too
But we would be the best of friends again
That would never change
Why don't you laugh again - like you did earlier
But without trying to hide it - the sadness
-- Sunshine 11-87 --



At the beginning you thought
"How good we can talk with each other"
After a while you stopped talking too.

You always thought
"One day it will happen"
You were afraid he could leave you.

He always had a hard time showing his feelings
and his love for you.
He loves you more than anything else in this world.

If you wouldn't have started to show your love again
and tell him your fears,
something probably would've happened.

But yesterday he showed you how much he loves you.
How dumb you can be.
Why can't you see that he's only yours.
That he wants to be only yours.

Doesn't he come home every evening,
dead tired from work,
and still ready to open the door to the crazy-house.

He doesn't have any more rest than you.
Don't even think that he's got it better than you.
He has to deal with the daily stress too.
He's go to make sure you're wishes are fulfilled.

Maybe he's even got more stress than you do.
You ask a lot of him.
Doesn't it drive you crazy
when you're tired and someone is trying to tell you unimportant stuff?

Think of how nice it can be.
How was it, when you guys were alone?
When he didn't have to get up at 5 every morning?
You were so happy.

Be smart and believe in him.
Let your heart talk.
You love him way too much.
Try it!
-- Sunshine 11-14-87 --

(Did I already know my ex was cheating on me then, or did I just know that he was an asshole and tried to talk myself out of it?)


Suicidal Emotions

The emotions of suicide are very crucial and lonesome.
They are governed by many misconceptions
built on irrational fears and insecurities.
Not many individuals seem to have experienced
such intense feelings of despair.
There is a desperate hunger for love.
At the time having the illusion
of being unworthy of any kind of affection.
It is being depressed about all the bad things that happen,
forgetting about the good and happy moments in life.
The belief of complete ugliness in body and soul
and the devil-may-care opinion that everything being done
or felt is of no use to others.
These troubled individuals cry with self-pity
and envy others when they laugh
and seem to have no problems.
The obsessive thought that everyone else is better,
knows more, and looks prettier than oneself
rules the life of the suicidal human being.
They're seeing the future as gloomy as the present moment,
being preoccupied with the thought
of perishing and struggling with faith.
Sometimes it seems there is no way out of this isolated, good-for-nothing life,
not even a tiny beam of light
to follow the smothering darkness and hopelessness.
The only solution seems to be entire stillness,
where nothing can hurt and nothing can judge
- the stillness of death
Sunshine 9-12-90

This is more of a story than a poem.
I wrote this remembering when I was in a deep depression.


The Clock Of Life

Life is like a big clock which ticks without a break.
Sometimes this clock slows down a bit.
Those are the times when we feel sad and beaten.
Some people can't get enough will
to adjust the speed of their clock.
These people are the ones that suffer.
Others don't need long to realize
All it takes is a little positive thought
The pace of the clock will speed up again.
Those are the people who find the joys in life.
They know that the slower pace
It's a way of learning
They are able to adjust to different speeds
It just takes a little effort.
Sometimes it's pretty hard to get up
To turn that knob to go a little faster,
but if you took the courage to do it once,
and if you dared to,
It will get easier every time.
Make yourself happy
Take action of the clocks in your life.
-- Sunshine 9-28-90--



Do you know what it means to have wisdom?
It means years of hard work
being open and trusting
years of searching for ones self
years in which the soul is busting
an ocean of tears and dreams on the shelf
fighting for life and to never give up
a heart full of rain, filled by the cup
hunger and thirst and devastating pain
a poor little heart, a soul in vain
At the end it means that you've achieved how to love
with the help from the angels from the heavens above
-- Sunshine 10-18-90 --



Raining outside, raining in my heart
Why do I feel from him apart?
Does he love me or is it a game?
Oh my dear love, it would be a shame.
Are my standards too high? My love too strong?
Is the time we spend away too long?
Am I asking too much, give him too little?
I feel like I'm stuck somewhere in the middle.
Am I too straight, too needy in my life?
I still would like to be his wife.
Life has changed in many ways
I'm happy and sad on many days.
Was everything too fast, everything too soon?
A mood for him on a full moon?
Love is hard and can hurt so much
It needs a daily doses touch.
Words have failed, promises are gone
I feel there has been damage done.
Is there too much difference in our mind?
Or does he still have to unwind?
Is the responsibility too much, the sharing not enough?
Is he not capable to work for his love?
Crying in the rain, hurting in vain
hoping that he doesn't just play a game.
I'm praying for the one true love
I'm hoping for help from up above.
-- Sunshine 5-3-91 --


Thinking of you

Lonesome in this room - filled with gloom
Listening to love songs - hopelessly praying
Trying to keep myself from endlessly swaying

Wishing to share my life - one day be someones wife
Just having someone who cares - someone that shares
Hoping my dream will come true - waiting for you

Wondering if love has passed me by - wondering why
Asking myself if anything will last - if a spell had been cast
Driving through the dark thinking - thinking of you
Looking at every car searching - searching for you

An endless love and romance - wanting you
I'm losing my hope, praying it's not true - thinking of you
-- Sunshine 7-92 --
Another past-life love poem


Cleaning the Scene

I'm walking down the neighborhood and hear a child cry out
Nobody even turns their head' cause no one is in doubt
Tomorrow little Tommy will walk alone to school
And just because the belt had hurt he won't follow the rule
The teacher doesn't care enough has problems of his own
So he writes Tommy's Dad a note and sends the poor kid home

He thinks it doesn't matter and no one cares for him
The beating was for telling Dad that Joe molested Jim
Tommy doesn't go straight home he goes to good ole Doug
And that's when Tommy twelve years old is taking his first drug

Tommy has learned that there is no hope
So now when he feels bad he reaches for dope
He knows that some girls sleep around for their high
His sisters suicide now he knows why

Doug's little sister she's only fourteen
Is pregnant and drugged and acts really mean
She was raped at eleven from her father's best friend
Shouldn't that be the time to let a friendship end
But no one believed her and her emotions grew cold
Wake up people she's only fourteen years old

Tommy's cousin Katie she's from an upper class home
Couldn't talk to her Mom and was much to her own
Friend Sue says she cares and if she'd beat up Chang
She'd belong to the family - the neighborhood gang

Katie can watch how drive-by's are done
And learns to survive while out on the run
Sue's neighbor Ricky who goes to church and all
Feels lonely too and goes for the fall
It seems to him God is unfair and bad
The Sunday Teacher just makes him mad

Now I ask you how can children like this
Grow up to be parents who teach their child bliss
Wake up, your kids live here longer than you
Get your life together and give them a clue

Teach them how to be loved and give love in return
Show them how HONEST money you earn
Teach them respect by respecting them
Listen to their problems without laughing then
Teach them to be happy without taking drugs
And how to solve problems without angry slugs

Give them your trust and have an open ear
So they won't run to gangs for the "no one loves me" fear
America wake up we need to get involved
Before the time bomb goes off and nothing is solved

Educate yourself about the bad things in life
And why kids stab others with a stolen knife
Teach responsibility by being responsible yourself
And get your own dreams back down from the shelf
Without a dream there can be no hope
Without some strictness there can be no rope

You have to teach them by living it each day
Cause if you don't they too go astray
You can't blame them for doing what you do
Cause they look around and they learn it from you

Give your children hope by having hope of your own
Give them love and a happy home
Teach them about drugs about sex and crime
about the bad in life about beer and wine

They won't just do it because you give them the knowledge
Instead it might teach them to go for a college
Curiosity can kill if the knowledge is weak
and that's why they end up with the neighborhood freak
Love them more than you ever been loved
Chances will be they'll never be cuffed
Tell them your fears and teach them to listen
So the beauty within can begin to glisten

Peace starts within your own little soul
And it's only if you reach this goal
That you can help other people in reaching theirs
By showing them that someone cares
-- Sunshine 1992 --



Sitting here thinking what I really want in life.
If it's enough to be just mother and wife.
I've lost all my friends when I met you
and now I'm sitting here totally blue.
I'm having new friends and lots of fun
but often it feels like I'm on the run
My feelings inside, I can't keep them straight
I ask should I go and then should I wait.
Sometimes I feel like I'm still in love
sometimes I pray for an answer from above.
Time and again, fears dwell up inside
but leaving you is more than a might
I hate sitting here, not knowing what to do
Wouldn't all of this confuse you too?
I'm confused about all of my life biggest dreams
confused about love, do I know what it means?
I'm confused about anger, confused about you
confused about me and about my life too
I'm sitting here thinking what's gonna happen next
and what for me and the kids is best
I don't have an answer, don't know what to do
and sometimes I wonder if you're confused too
Sunshine 10-94

I got separated one year after writing this poem
and divorced another 10 month after that.


This next poem was written to my best friend Rita Kuhn.
She passed away in August of 1997


We used to be so close as friends
and I found that our friendship never ends.
Even though now we live far away
I think of you most every day.
And though most other friendships died
My memm'ries for you are locked inside.
You'll always be within my little heart
And one day maybe the mem'ries restart.
I dream of being close to you again
Maybe living next door with your man
We'd recapture old times and build anew
and days together wouldn't be few
But for now this will have to do.
I know I'll never forget about you.
-- Sunshine 3-28-95 --



The first time we've met you gave me a smile
and believe it or not, it stayed with me a while.
It started a friendship so dear to me
when I'm with you I'm happy as can be.
Somehow I lost control over things
my feelings for you were growing wings.
Unhappy at home a lot of the time
To me you looked so very fine.
You're young, you're gentle, you're cute and you're free
I'm older, I'm married, how could we be
So I learned to keep quiet, keep my feelings to myself
but I'm far from putting them on a shelf
In my dreams I can do whatever I want
in them you and I we have a great bond
I can dream in my sleep that you are mine
and that I'm happy all of the time.
It's gonna be hard when you'll find a love
but I'll get through it even if it will be rough.
'Cause I don't wanna lose the part of you
that loves me just a little too
Maybe with time I will find someone new
who's somehow just a little like you
-- Sunshine 4-3-95 --


Our Week

I'm going to church on Sunday
as it is my funday.

Monday is the beginning of the week
and I'm acting like a crazy freak

Tuesday I'm sitting in the sun
for dinner I'm having just a bun

Wednesday is the middle of the week
and my neighbor is a geek

Thursday is my busy day
my mind is really going astray

Friday we'll be dragging State
and we'll be coming home real late

Saturday we're having a barbecue
and you're invited so bring your old leather shoe

And this is our poem for now
so laugh real hard and have a cow.

-- Written by Sunshine & Aaron Wahe 4-6-95 --
We wrote alternating.
Aaron would write one line,
I would write the next.
we did this over the phone.



It started out looking so very good
You always upped my inner mood
But as time passed and days went by
My friends could see tears in my eye
We are so close yet far apart
Sometimes your actions hurt my heart
I wish it could be like before
Talks that go deep down to the core
Laughing hard when dawn is near
But now I live in constant fear
I'm scared of losing those sweet eyes
Scared of only hearing lies
Scared of losing your cute smile
And scared of your leaving in a while
My heart is aching reaching out
What is this action all about
Reach out for me and let us touch
Cause I really love you much
Please don't throw my love away
Come back to me come back and stay
-- Sunshine 5-3-95 --



Sometimes I wonder if you mean what you say
'cause sometimes you're really goin' out of your way
to take words back which you have told me
I wonder how confused you really can be.
One day you love me the next day you don't
First you reach out, but then you won't
You confuse me as much as you seem to be
Do you know about you as I know about me?
The drugs you do are here and there
I wonder if you really care.
What'll happen to us, what'll happen to you
And these thoughts honey they make me blue
At times I feel that I'm being used
than I feel betrayed and my ego gets bruised
When you say you stop by at one time or another
and I'm sitting here waiting and I think oh brother
And you say you forgot, but do you mean it that way
I'm wondering if you just don't care on that day.
Anymore I'm wondrin' which truth is a lie
Anymore I'm really wondering why?
Is it worth the trouble, is it worth the time
but I still would like for you to be mine.
I love you so dearly, all the way to the end
But if my heart breaks, tell me when will it mend?
I wonder if one day you can be committed to me
my mind from wondrin' would then be free.
I wish you would stop confusing my mind
and let us both the happiness find
'cause as of now we're both pretty blue
All I can say is that I love you.
-- Sunshine 5-4-95 --


I wrote the following poem to my friend Aaron
when we first found out he was using drugs


You're the user but we're the ones blue
'cause our hearts ache for what's happnin' to you.
It changed the you that you were before
'cause you're the one who's closing the door.
Side-affects are depression real wild
your sperm ends up dying you won't have a child.
Your brain cells diminish your mem'ry gets weak
Your lungs will give up and you'll end up a freak.
Your friends turn away other users come aboard,
Your spirit is low, dope's your last resort.
You'll get in a cycle and it's hard to get out,
It'll seem to you there's no other route.
Please don't be offended by the letter I wrote,
or the poem right here or the drug user note.
It's just an attempt to safe what's to safe,
and to let you know, we know that you crave.
We want you to quit be the friend you used to be
Get the depression behind and again feel free
-- Sunshine 5-5-95 --


My Love

Oh baby I love you, I want you, I need you,
and I want to taste your lips.
I'd like your body next to mine,
and pressed against my hips.
I want your arms wrapped tight around me
caress me while you can.
I'd like for you to be my baby,
I want you to be my man.
I'd like to spend some time with you,
I'm longing for your touch.
I want to feel your body heat,
am I asking for too much?
I'd like to pretend I'm yours alone,
and everything is fine.
Baby I feel lost without you,
I want you to be mine.
I'd like to make you feel alive,
and be with you alone.
I want to feel that love's alive
and that I'm not a lone.
Let's just steal a little moment my love
just for you and me
Let's be close together baby
like lovers, they should be
I'm addicted to you
and my love is true.
-- Sunshine 7-8-95 --



Maybe I found someone who loves me
just as much as I love him.
Maybe now, my dream will come true,
and he'll love me until our light grows dim.

Maybe I've been through enough this time
and he's meant to be mine.
Maybe he's my soulmate
Angels will make our heart shine.

Maybe he is the way he seems,
and doesn't put on an act.
Maybe, yes just maybe,
the love he shows is fact.

Maybe I found happiness
when this man came to be.
Yes dear Lord, I pray today,
that he will stay with me.
-- Sunshine 12-11-95 --


I love you

Every time you touch me I can hear angels sing above
And every time you're not with me I miss you so my love
I always thought I've seen it all but I didn't have a clue
'Cause I have never had another who made me feel the way you do
Your hands they are so gentle they make me want much more
Your kisses are so passionate and go right to the core
I feel I've left my place on earth and went to paradise
My darling oh my sweetheart dear you have such heavenly eyes
I'll always love you hold you close and promise I will stay
Intentionally I'll never hurt you honey there just is no way
I hope you feel the same for me and keep me 'round for good
If fate's with me and I'm liked above for heaven's sake you should
-- Sunshine 12-12-95 --


You and I

You are the beat of my heart, you are the light of my day.
And when we have to part, my sun will go away.

I love you more and more each hour, you are like water and I'm the flower.
You're like a hammer and I'm the nail, you are the best of every male.

I want you and need you to have and to hold, I hope we're the romance that has yet to be told.
We'll be two who will make it through every day life, two who will for togetherness strive.

Two who won't part, who will stay together, and hold on to one another in any kind of weather.
I pray that I'm to you, what you are to me, 'cause than I can say it is destiny.
-- Sunshine 12-21-95 --


You're My Friend

You're my friend, my best of all
You'd pick me up if I should fall
You hold me close when I am down
You make me laugh act like a clown
You ease my stress set my soul free
You talk to me and make me see
I feel for you when you are sad
I get upset if you are mad
I try my best to be your friend
I never want to see this end
I think we could be really clever
And make this friendship last forever
-- Sunshine 5/6/96 --



Laughing and crying with you together
Walking the same path in any weather
Dreaming the same dreams forever.

Holding on to the truth
and living in trust
for you and for me
it has to be a must

Value each others opinion
and riding out the storms
take on the responsibility
and give each other warmth

That's what I want
Honey for you and for me
Then we can say
Forever it's we.
-- Sunshine 1996 --


My Friend

To have had a friend like you was the greatest gift I ever received
To have lost you leaves me sad and lonely when I think of the loss
But happy for your bouncing spirit above
-- In loving memory of my best friend Rita Kuhn 8-97 --


The Path

There was a time I walked the right path and didn't know
Now that I know, the path has grown many thorns and is too hard to travel
There was a time I had friends and didn't know
Now that I know, they have passed on
There was a time I held love in the palm of my hand and didn't know
Now that I know, I have stomped it to the ground and wounded it

Now I am standing at a new crossroad in my life
And I don't know if I am strong enough to face the journey
The only way I can reach what I am searching for
is to face my past, gather what I can
Forget what I cannot take with me and move forward

No one will be able to guide me
No one will be able to tell me what is best for me
For only I will know what would have been best for me...
...after I have chosen to walk the wrong path
-- Sunshine 1999 --


Guiding Light

Sometimes I wonder where you are
If you're real close or if you're far
Sometimes I feel you're next to me
It makes me smile I'm sure you see
Sometimes I wish you were still here
In flesh and blood to hold me dear
I know one day we'll meet again
And talk of old times now and then
Until such day so I will pray
That God above will show the way
And shine a light for me to see
Which road to take to be with thee
-- In loving memory of my grandmother who showed me the way --
-- Sunshine 99 --


The Wall

It's about as high as the sky and as thick as the moon. How in the world am I supposed to break that one down? Every time I think I come close to seeing a hole in the wall, something happens and the hole gets filled up again real quick. It's just waiting for the right moment to collapse, but does that right moment ever come? I want it to be gone so bad, so why can't I seem to just tear it down. I always thought I was the one who had the power over everything about me. But here I am, trying to get through the thickness, letting someone climb through the hole, and bang, it happens again, the hole is filled.

Maybe it's just a matter of self preservation. Maybe it's a form of self-starvation. I'm not so sure what exactly the purpose of it is. Sometimes however, it definitely gets in the way. It seems like it's blocking my eyes from the sun. I can't seem to find the light with it up so high. I need to find a way to break it down. Or at least make a small hole in it. Just big enough for the sun to shine through and someone to climb through. That's all it would take, I know. After that, it would be easy. It would be two of us tearing it down. Two can always accomplish more than one. With the help from someone close, I could tear this wall into pieces.

How did it get there you asked? I build it because I didn't want anyone else to invade my life and make me so unhappy I was a danger to myself. So I build it for reasons of self-preservation. Now however, since I don't feel so bad anymore, it's not necessary anymore. Yet, I can't get rid of it. My mind just doesn't get it. It's over. I'm ready to give myself again. Without holding back. But no one can reach me with this damn thing in the way. Oh, they can see me alright, they just can't get to me. They see and want me, but thereís no way I can let them in.

Please help me tear it down!
-- Roadangel 2001 --


My love

I hope you're asleep real deep by now
and that you can hear my thoughts somehow.
Maybe I can guide your dream with my mind,
and let you know that you're sweet and kind.
Let you feel how much I care for you
and that my love for you is true.
And that in my mind I'm holding you tight
And if I try really hard I might

I want you to know that I love you so dear
And that when you're gone I wish you were here.
You've got me hooked I'm lost in your touch
And I didn't know I could feel so much
My love for you will hold throughout the years
And I hope someday soon we won't know any fears
I hope we will last forever and more
After all, that's what destiny's for.

I feel we can make it through any old thing
'cause fate's our guide and luck it will bring
For you and I we're meant to be
and to my heart, only you hold the key
and now my love this poem will close
Hold in your dream my image rose
I send you hugs and kisses thousandfold
Is this what your dream tonight has told?
-- Roadangel 2002 --


This Poem is compiled from several other Poems
written by several people
I gave this to my husband for Christmas in 2002

Donny, I love you

To love Is the most precious gift One can give.
To be loved Is the most precious gift One can receive.

I love you not only for what you are
But for what I am When I am with you.

I love you not only for What you have made of yourself
But for what you are making of me.

I love you for the part of me that you bring out.

I love you for putting your hand into my heaped-up heart
And passing over all the foolish, weak things
That you can't help dimly seeing there.

In your warm and wise way, you've looked deep enough
To find things in me that were always there
But too silent to show.

I love you, because you are helping me to make Of the lumber of my life
Not a tavern, but a temple
Out of the works of my every day
Not a reproach, but a song.

You make me feel like all the things I want to be.

I asked you to give me a small part of yourself
But, instead, you gave me your all.

With all the life in me I love you.

In you I find my comfort
You give my wishes wings.
Our love continues the soul of things.

My hopes were heaven-high
They are all fulfilled in you.

Love is the greatest of all soul forces.
It is the abiding passion.
It is the silver link that binds human hearts together
And the mystic power that makes the world go round.

Because I love you I can look at life with clearer eyes
And face tomorrow with a braver heart
And hold my chin up with a brand new hope
And know that I must finish things I start.

Because I love you I've become more kind and gentle with my friends
Your attitude of life has taught me more than words could ever say

And this you did Without a word
Without a touch
Without a sign
You have done it
By being yourself/

When you drop a pebble in the pond
You never know how far the ripples go

Because I love you everything's become more beautiful
As season's come and go I can reach up and touch the heart of God
Because, oh yes,
Because I love you so!

Miracles can occur anywhere When someone cares,
When years of animosity and resentment disappear in once act of compassion
When indifference is wiped away by an outstretched hand offered to help
When a human life is changed by one simple act of love
These are indeed miracles
You are my miracle!

Where love exists strongly enough
Apprehension, disappointment and fear are all reduced to nothing.
All I have to do is look into your eyes and I am reminded
How great our love to each other is
-- Your Wifey - Christmas 2002 --


Finding you

Once upon a time I was so lonely and so sad
nowadays I check my heart and I'm always glad
God is with me day and night and blesses me so much
And you are here right by my side with your warm tender touch

When I asked God to give to me a man who loves like me
I never thought he'd give me you, so wonderful is he

Not only did he understand I could not take much more
But he also took my hand and opened up his door
I always knew God would be there if all I'd do is call
It just wasn't clear to me the wonders of it all
- Roadangel September 2003 -



Jesus I thank you for you gave to me
This life here on earth and a heart that would see
You gave me the knowledge I need to survive
You gave me a man to be a great wife
You gave me my children and wisdom to teach
You gave me the strength to love them each
You gave me the things that meet my needs
and you gave me all flowers and not many weeds
I thank you Jesus for all you have done
I thank you oh Jesus my life has begun!
-- Roadangel January 2005 --


Lessons on Soulmates

Re-birth; the ultimate learning experience
That's what I am here for
There's lessons to learn, so little time
This stuff goes to the core

And you walk in, confuse my mind
Pop open my closed tin
You spill the memories once more for me
And where do you fit in?

The man I used to call all mine
He's back now once again
Different, but strangely, all the same
It's driving me insane

What is the lesson I will take from this?
Some love lost? Some love is gained?
Love handed out to so many people
Some loved before, some very pained

My love is going out to you
The man I call my own
You may be different, have a different soul
yet familiarly close we've grown

My soulmates are so different
Yet all come from above
And my conclusion now is this:
Many lifes, many souls, one lesson:

Another past life poem
------ Roadangel January 2017-------



One moment in time
One moment alone
Two souls in one place
Two souls have flown

Our eyes met
Our souls merged
Our hands touched
Our hearts urged

One song one look
One touch it took
To capture me
My wounded heart
I knew your soul
Right from the start

Time will tell
Where this may lead
If I break down
Land on my feet

I want so much
Can't have it all
If I give in
I know I'll fall

But yearn I do
For your sweet touch
My feelings are
Just way too much

I love another
Will never leave
And all I know
One day I'll grieve

But hope I do
that you and me
friendship we'll share

---- Sunshine February 2017----


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