Thom Pace - Never Had The Time


Never had the time
Or the inclination
Well we never tried to find
Redemption or salvation
Hey maybe we were lost
Though we never asked direction
Thought that we could find a way
Never cared what others say
And we lost to all temptation

But did you ever know
Of the Poet on the mountain
Writing only for himself
Not wanting all their praise resounding
He wrote of rain in summer
And how the drops were just like time
Falling on our weary souls
Washing youth into the road
The road we left behind

And that rain goes on decending
And it weaves small paths of doom
And the rushing of the stream
Overshadows all our dreams
Telling us there's no more room

And the earth will never notice
When we reach our final day
We will not go on forever
It's the price that we must pay
Arrogance has consequences
So a program was devised
To erase the memory
Of the human misery
That we had before our eyes

"Let there be a new beginning"
A voice commands inside the night
"The earth is empty once again"
From the ravages of men
And this time I'll do it right
And this time I'll do it right"