Love is Forever


Rated G, 1 hour 36 Minutes

Starring: Michael Landon and Priscilla Presley


Here is what the cover has to say:
Starring the late, great Michael Landon in a heartwarming, tear-jerking love story, Love is forever demonstrates how nothing can get in teh way of true love when two people are meant to be together. Landon plays real-life American jounralist John Everingham, who, while stationed in Laos in 1977 is suspected of being a spy by the ruling communist regime. they brutally beat and torture him and eventually throw him out of the country, separating him from Keo, the beautiful Laotian woman he ahs fallen in lvoe with. IN a true measure of courage, he decides he must risk whatever fate waits for him and make his way back to rescue Keo from a life under an iron-fisted regime. Also starring Priscilla Presley in her TV movie debut, this moving story will renew anyone's faith in love.

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