Little House on the Prairie
Season 4


Rated G, 18 hours

Starring: Michael Landon


Here is what the cover has to say:
A trip to Chicago makes Charles and Mary appreciate their home – Laura and Mary witness the drowning of a friend – Andy and Laura become crime investigators – Outlaw, Jesse James, and his brother hide out in Walnut Grove – Neillie falls in love and makes wedding plans – Laura finds a mysterious message that leads her to an abandoned baby – Charles inherits some money from a relative – Caroline becomes pregnant with their fourth child – The Ingalls are devastated by the news that Mary is going blind

Castoffs (aired on September 12, 1977):
Pa gives Laura a new dog when Jack, her old dog, dies. Laura just can’t seem to get attached to bandit even though he is obviously quite fond of her. She later has a change of heart after visiting Aunt Kezla.

Times of Change (aired on September 19, 1977):
Charles and Mary look forward to their trip to Chicago with great anticipation, only to discover that life in the big city isn’t what they expected.

My Ellen (aired on September 26, 1977):
Laura and Mary convince Ellen’s mom to let her go swimming with them. Tragically, Ellen drowns and Eloise, Ellen’s mother, can’t accept her death. Believing that Laura is actually Ellen, she lures her into the cellar with the intention of locking her up.

The Handyman (aired on October 3, 1977):
Charles must interrupt the construction of an addition to his house when he is called upon to make an urgent delivery in Mankato. Caroline hires a handsome man, Chris to finish the house, but things get complicated when Mary suspects that her Ma and Chris are falling in love.

The Wolves (aired on October 17, 1977):
When Charles and Caroline go away and leave Mary in charge, Laura and Andy find baby wolves and set up a pen for them in the barn. This attracts wild dogs which surround the barn trapping the children inside.

The Creeper of Walnut Grove (aired on October 24, 1977):
Laura and Andy set out to find the person responsible for stealing from the citizens of Walnut Grove, creating an unexpected reaction from the townspeople, including Charles Ingalls!

To Run and Hide (aired on October 31, 1977):
When Doc Baker is unable to save a patient, he decides to stop practicing medicine and finds a new doctor to replace him in Walnut Grove.

The Aftermath (aired on November 7, 1977):
Jesse James and his brother, Frank, hide out in Walnut Grove. When the townspeople discover their true identities, the outlaws decide to take hostages.

The High Cost of Being Right (aired on November 14, 1977):
Mr. Garvey’s barn burns to the ground with his crops inside. His wife Alice goes to work at the post office to help out. Mr. Garvey is opposed to this, as he believes that a man should be able to support his family alone.

The Fighter (aired on November 21, 1977):
The people of Walnut Grove gear up for a big boxing match. Charles is one of the fighters and is surprised and concerned when he defeats his opponent with ease.

Meet Me at the Fair (aired on November 28, 1977):
The Ingalls travel to the annual fair where Carrie gets tired and climbs into the basket of a hot-air balloon for a nap. The real adventure begins when the balloon lifts off!

Here Come the Brides (aired on December 5, 1977):
Adam Simms and his son Luke move to Walnut Grove and find love when Adam falls for Miss beadle, and Luke and Nellie Oleson fall for each other.

Freedom Flight (aired on December 12, 1977):
An Indian boy comes to Walnut Grove seeking help for his sick father. The townspeople become very hostile toward the Indian and Charles must step in to help them leave town.

The Rivals (aired on January 9, 1977):
Charles fights off a competitor to save his business, while Laura must compete for the attention of Jimmy Hill.

Whisper Country (aired on January 16. 1977):
Mary becomes a teacher in a distant rural community where Miss Peal is against having a school at all. She convinces the other people in the community that school isn’t necessary. Mary asks Miss Peal to read a passage from the Bible. The community, including Miss Peal, then becomes more receptive of the school..

I Remember, I Remember (aired on January 23, 1977):
It is a miserable rainy day when a wheel breaks on Charles’ wagon preventing him form getting home on time. This day is also Charles and Caroline’s wedding anniversary. While waiting for Pa to arrive, Caroline reminisces and tells the children how hard it was to get Charles to notice her so many years ago.

Be My Friend (aired on January 30, 1977):
Laura finds a bottle with a note inside which says “Be my friend”. She convinces Pa to help her look for the person who sent the note and they find a baby. The search for the baby’s parents begins.

The Inheritance (aired on February 6, 1978):
Charles receives a sum of money from one of his relatives and must listen to everyone’s advice on how to spend it! However, his windfall turns into nothing when it is discovered that he has inherited confederate money!

The Stranger (aired on Frebruary 20, 1978):
A nephew of Mr. Oleson’s comes for a visit to try to learn some morals. Mr. Oleson ends up sending the child to Mr. Ingalls. Mr. Ingalls has the child help him on the farm. After being with the Ingalls, he learns how he should behave. He goes back home again a changed man.

A Most Precious Gift (aired on February 27, 1978):
Charles must demonstrate his “medical skills” when Caroline, who is expecting their fourth child, goes into labor earlier than expected.

I’ll Be Waving As You Drive Away (aired on March 6 & 13, 1978):
In this dramatic two-hour episode, Charles takes Mary to an eye specialist when she begins to experience difficulty seeing. He is devastated to learn that she will most certainly lose her sight, and for a while, cannot bring himself to tell her the truth about her condition.

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