Little House on the Prairie
Season 2


Rated G, 19 hours

Starring: Michael Landon


Here is what the cover has to say:
Charles must work at several jobs to pay off their debts while the entire family pitches in - Laura makes a new friend and helps him get over his grief - Charles promises a dying widow that he will care for her three chidlren - Walnut Grove sees the opening of its first bank - Mary becomes the pride and joy of the town - The sensetive subject of drug abuse is addressed in the second to alst episode entitled "Soldiers Return".

The Richest Man in Walnut Grove (aired on September 10, 1975):
After the mill closes, Charles is unable to pay off his debt at the mercantile. He must take on several jobs at once. Mary goes to work to help the family, while Laura does extra chores at home. When the bill finally gets paid, Nels tells Charles that with a loving family like his, he is certainly the richest man in Walnut Grove.

Four Eyes (aired on September 17, 1975):
Mary is beginning to have difficulty at school because she3 can’t read the blackboard. She really likes her new glasses until the other children tease her about wearing them. She arranges to lose them hoping she won’t have to wear them anymore. But changes her mind when she realizes that her teacher, who also wears glasses, has a boyfriend.

Haunted House (aired on September 24, 1975):
Nellie dares Laura to enter a haunted house. Once inside, Laura meets Mr. Pike the owner, who tells her he is waiting for his wife to return. Laura learns that she passed away several years before. The two become friends as Laura helps Mr. Pike deal with his loss.

in the Big Inning (aired on October 1, 1975):
It’s time for baseball! After losing badly the previous year, all of Walnut Grove expects to win the upcoming game thanks to their star pitcher, Mr. Mumford. The population is so confident, that they even place bets on the game. It looks like their hopes will be dashed when Mrs. Mumford refuses to permit her husband to play because she does not approve of gambling. Caroline saves the day by suggesting that any money raised from the game be donated to the church.

The Campout (aired on October 8, 1975):
Mrs. Oleson wants to prevent the Ingalls children from outdoing her children on a leaf-gathering project, thus her family accompanies the Ingalls on a camping trip. The Olesons manage to get into trouble out in the woods, causing all the campers to have a miserable time.

The Spring Dance (aired on October 29, 1975):
Laura and Grace Snider are both trying very hard to get asked to the spring dance. Unfortunately, the young men they are interested in don’t seem to want to go. The girls decide to take matters into their own hands and simply invite the boys.

Remember Me (aired on November 5 and 12, 1975):
The Ingall’s neighbor, the widow Julia Sanderson, discovers that she does not have long to live and asks Charles to find a good home for her three children. After Julia passes away, Charles has difficulty finding someone who will take all three of them. Just as he reluctantly decides that he must separate the children, Mr. Edwards and Grace get married and adopt the three orphans.

Ebenezer Sprague (aired on November 18, 1975):
Charles and Hansen build a bank in Walnut Grove. The banker is Mr. Sprague, a cold and heartless man. Not realizing who he is, Laura becomes friends with him. Suspicious, the banker accuses Laura of acting on behalf of her father who must certainly want a loan.

The End of the Rainbow (aired on December 10, 1975):
While fishing, Laura and a friend stumble upon some “gold”. They spend several weeks trying to pull all of the gold from the stream. It is only when they bring it to the bank, that they learn it is fool’s gold.

The Gift (aired on December 17, 1975):
the school children have saved up their money to buy the Reverend a birthday present. They give the money to Mary, who is in charge of purchasing just the right gift. Laura convinces Mary to buy something that they could sell to people with the hops that they could buy Reverend Alden a even better gift. The plan backfires when they are unable to sell anything. Mary and Laura explain to the Reverend what they did. On Sunday, Reverend Alden thanks the children for buying a wooden box that he could put his old Bible in.

Hid Father’s Son (aired on January 7, 1976):
Mr. and Mrs. Edwards adopt John Anderson. John is a lot more interested in books than farming or hunting. Mr. Edwards would like him to consider other activities and buys him a gun for his birthday. John doesn’t want to hurt Mr. Edward’s feelings, so he writes him a letter explaining his reasons for not wanting to hunt. When he gets no response, John assumes that Mr. Edwards doesn’t love him. While on a hunting trip, Isaiah is hurt when John freezes and is unable to shoot a bear. It is only after this incident that John learns the real reason Isaiah did not discuss his letter.

The Talking Machine (aired on January 14, 1976):
Both Laura and Nellie are interested in Jason, a young man who is fascinated by new inventions and electricity. Laura invites Jason t dinner causing Nellie to become terribly jealous. Wanting to get even, Nellie encourages Laura to talk about her feelings for Jason while Willie secretly records their conversation. At school, Nellie plays the recording for the whole class causing Laura to run out dreadfully embarrassed. It all ends well when Jason admits that he shares the same feelings.

The Pride of Walnut Grove (aired on January 28, 1976):
Mary is excited when she is invited to participate in a state-wide math competition. Unfortunately, Charles can’t afford to send her. The town council decides to pay her expenses since she would be representing all of Walnut Grove. Mary is terribly disappointed when she finishes second, feeling certain that she has let everyone down, that is until she returns home…

A Matter of Faith (aired on February 4, 1976):
Charles and his girls leave on a trip. Caroline, who stays behind, scratches her leg on a rusty nail and doesn’t realize until later that she has developed a serious infection. All alone, and getting weaker by the hour, she must cauterize the wound to save herself.

The Runaway Caboose (aired on February 11, 1976):
Mary, Laura, and Mr. Edwards’ adopted son Carl, accompany Charles and Mr. Edwards to the train station. The three children wander into a caboose that detaches itself from the train and moves backwards along the track. Charles prevents a tragedy when he stops a train that is on a collision course with the caboose.

Troublemaker (aired on February 25, 1976):
The school board of Walnut Grove decides to replace the schoolteacher, Ms. Beadle, when it becomes apparent she is unable to control some of her students. The new teacher, Hannibal Applewood, has a terrible temper. He develops an immediate disliking for Laura which eh demonstrates by punishing her unfairly. When Charles is made aware of the situation, a school board meeting is called and they agree to reinstate Ms. Beadle. The children work together to ensure that a particular “troublemaker” behaves in the future.

The Long Road Home (aired on March 3, 1976):
Charles, Mr. Edwards, and two other men accept a job that involves handling and transporting explosives. They face many dangerous and difficult challenges along the way.

For My Lady (aired on March 10, 1976):
Charles is refinishing the woodwork on the Thurman home in exchage for a nice set of china that he intends to give to Caroline as a surprise gift. It doesn’t help that the widow Thurman is a beautiful young lady, because to keep his secret Charles must lie to everyone. When he tells the girls and Caroline different stories, they begin to suspect he is having an affair. Everything falls into place when Charles finally gives Caroline the china.

Centennial (aired on March 17, 1976):
Independence Day celebrations in Walnut Grove are threatened when the townspeople receive news of a tax increase. A Russian immigrant, unable to keep his land due to the additional taxes, explains that even with the trouble he now faces, he still believes America is a wonderful country. HE reminds everyone that they still live in the greatest country in the world.

Soldier’s Return (aired on March 25, 1976):
Mrs. Whipple’s son returns to Walnut Grove after serving in the Civil War. This episode deals with the difficult subject of drug abuse as the young man dies from his addiction to morphine.

Going Home (aired on March 31, 1976):
After a tornado ruins his crop, a discouraged Charles decides to sell his land and return to the big woods of Wisconsin without consulting his family. During the preparations to move, Mary and John Junior share their first kiss. Before they leave, the Ingalls reminisce about the good times in Walnut Grove and finally decide to stay and give things another try.

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