Links to Sites I have visited



Sites on Advice from how to build something to what to do when your child bites and everything in between. Some sites are really interesting to browse through.

Ask the Builder
Got any questions on remodeling? On building anything? Come here and find an answer

Ask the Dietitian
Any questions regarding your diet could be answered here

this site is intended to provide information and support to the families, friends and loved ones of those who suffer from Bipolar Disorder

Dear Hillie
Dear Hillie is the official web site for Hillie Marshall, one of the Worlds first cyber Agony Aunts

Dr. Laura
The woman that knows it all (or thinks she does anyway). What it boils down to is that even though she doesn't have any formal training in Psychology, she has a very strong set of morals and sticks to them. She advices her callers to do the same

Feng Shui Advice
A very comprehensive guide to Feng Shui

Info Site
What you need to know about anything

Loving you
The tools you need for your love life



I'm an animal Lover and even though I'm allergic to all pets but birds, I have had a small Zoo in the past. Nowadays there are not quite as many. Here are some links worth looking at if you like animals as well.

American Kennel Club
Lists all National Breeds and gives Info on them.

Doberman Diseases
A collection of information about Wobblers Disease

Guinea Pigs
The Guinea Pig Daily Digest

House Bunny's
House Rabbit's Society

How Could You?
The Puppy Story that'll make you cry

Humane Society
Humane Society of La Crosse. This is where I got Seven and Precious from.

The Saint Bernard
The Saint Bernards of Stoan



I love learning about all types of new things. The following are some sites I find of interest.

All about Stars

Coloring Fun for Adults
Over 100 pictures to choose from

Common Sense Parenting
Parenting tips from the Girls and Boys Town

Crafters Community
Projects and Activities

Discovery Channel
Discovery Channel on the Web

Earthquake Information
Federal source for science about the Earth, its natural and living resources, natural hazards, and the environment

Enchanted Learning
All kinds of learning experiences for Children

Feng Shui
Learning more about Feng Shui

Get Crafty
All types of crafts

How stuff works
Explains the workings of all types of things

Kids Domain
Crafts, Holiday Fun and Resources

La Crosse Library
The La Crosse Library

Learn French, German, Italien or Spanish on this site

Learning Javascript
The Java Script Code Library (for more computer education go to the computer part of my site

Mensa Workout and information on membership
How well do you do on the workout test?

This is a weather educational site

Michaels Craft Store
Craft Ideas, including Scrapbooking

The Official Nasa Site

National Geographic Society
This is the website of the same name Magazine

Ship of Fools
The Magazine of Christian Unrest

Urban Dictionary
Here you can even find the definition for Buttmud!!!

Utah State University
The University I went to, to study Psychology for 2 years and my favorite University of all

Virtual University
The University I take courses from, just for the heck of it

Word Focus
A rich source of information that will enhance your English-vocabulary skills



Here you can find links to games, music, and the like.

#1 Song on anyone's Birthday in History

Alan Jackson


Brad Paisley

Country Jam in Wisconsin

Faith Hill

Journey - the Band

Michael Bolton

Movie Release date site

Pat Benatar

Pogo Gameroom (Cash Prizes)

Utah Jazz Basketball Team

Video Games Walk Throughs


Family and Friends:

These are sites from family/friends, or just from people I "bumped" into. I will probably add some links occasionally and would welcome your input as well if you run across a site that's worth mentioning here.

Angels Store, Forum and Network

David's Boggus-web
My son's website

Tess' Castle
Greeting Cards, Pictures and Homepage


Free Stuff:

These are sites where you can get cool Free stuff... pretty much self-explanatory. If you know of any other good sites that offer Free Stuff, or you find a link that doesn't work anymore, please e-mail me.

Cool Savings
Save money with coupons you can print from your computer

More of the same - coupons you can print

Free Mania
Your #1 Free Stuff Directory Online

Free Site
Home of the Web's Best Freebies

My Points
Receive coupons by surfing the net where you can get $15 off for $3.- just sign up and watch your e-mails for codes

Sheet Music
Free Sheet Music

Winfiles/Download the safe place to download


Greeting Cards:

These links are all to free Greeting Card sites. Just send away for any occasion! And don't forget me..haha!


123 Greetings

Blue Mountain

Christian and Inspirational Greetings

Hallmark e-cards




These links will bring you to all sorts of Holiday pages.. some to explain what a certain Holiday may mean or some just for some clips

Holidays Net



Stuff that makes you think, cry, wonder, and learn about life!

American Poets
The Academy of American Poets

Religions, Spirituality, Prayer, God, Angels, Politics, Meditations, etc.

Chickensoup for the Soul
Changing the world one story at a time

Dark Angels Poems
This seems to be a pretty talented young woman

Freeing the Mind
A Learning site about Self Development and clearing the barriers of mind and spirit Philosophy and Computer stuff

This method of self-inquiry, sometimes called 'headlessness' or 'seeing who you really are' ('seeing' for short), has been pioneered by the English philosopher and workshop leader Douglas E. Harding, born in 1909. It is a contemporary approach which investigates the question Who am I? and suggests that you can see Who you really are here and now. It provides simple but deep awareness exercises that direct you to this Seeing within yourself

Inner Peace
Inner Peace is free self-counseling software for inner peace

Pathetic Poet Society
A community for poets and poetry enthusiasts alike

Pearls of Wisdom
This site deals with life's basic questions - Who am I? Why am I here? Where did I come from? Where am I going to? What is the true nature and purpose of life? Is there Life after death ? How can I attain deeper levels of wellness and spiritual wisdom? How can I achieve successful relationships and a fulfilling, prosperous life? Is there any meaning of my life?

The Place to Relax
This site offers an exploration of your feelings and seeks out your spiritual awareness in your daily life

Poetry Daily
A new Poem every day

Witches Voice
Neo Peagan's News



You can subscribe to some of these to have them send you the weekly/daily joke directly to your mailbox.

Jokes and Comics

Funny Bones
Dust Off Your Funny Bone... Let The Air Out Of Your Shoes... And Get Ready To Laugh... At The Best Funny Stuff on the 'Net!

Joke Lab
Comedy Central

Mighty Cool
Brighten your day, every day, with an Email A Day from!

Minni Pauz
My favorite Grandma - Midlife Humor

The Onion
America's finest News Source

This is True
The Stupid things people do



These are the sites I used for my Karaoke Business, fellow Karaoke hosts as well as other Karaoke Oriented sites.

Deutsches Karaoke
A German KJ in Munich

Doo-Wop Shop
I like shopping for CDG's here the most. FREE SHIPPING
Another one of my favorites. Easy to maneuver

Karaoke Deutschland
German CDG's. Expensive, but the only one I can find selling CDG's

Karaoke Downloads
Karaoke Downloads. It's as simple as that!

Karaoke Warehouse
I got one of my players from here. Pretty decent place

Midi Karaoke
Lots of useful information on Midi Karaoke. And the new home of the Midi Karaoke Library as well.

My favorite People in Karaoke Software. If you want to back up your CDG's, record your own, or whatever else you can think of, check these guys out first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another source for CDG's



You can get my personal news as well as all the national news that you'll ever need right here!



People Search and Find:

Well, if you're trying to find a long lost friend, or an old love, you can try with these links... but...are you sure they want to talk to you since they didn't keep in contact with you in the first I got in contact with a couple of people and some turned out good and others... well.. I guess some people are just!

800 Directory
The Internet 1-800 Directory

Hier finden Sie Adressen, Telefon nummern und weitere Informationen aus den drei Verzeichnissen

Digital City
Discover your City

Search and Find

Info Space

It's the yellow pages electrified



These are places I've either visited, lived in, or would like to visit.

My daughter was born in Baltimore General Hospital. I lived close to Baltimore for 4 months.

Deutschland Tourism
I was born and raised in Germany.

German Live
I lived in Germany a total of 22 years with one 3 year break

La Crosse
This is Channel 8. I've lived in La Crosse since 1998

Las Vegas
I have visited Las Vegas on several occasions

Los Angeles
My cousin used to live there and I LOVE Universal Studios

The State my daughter was born in.

Salt Lake City
I lived in and around Salt Lake City for 11 years

Salt Lake City 2
A few of my friends are still in Salt Lake

San Diego
This is where my cousin lives now. I've been to San Diego too

San Francisco
My parents and I went to visit San Francisco a few years ago while I still lived in SLC.

Utah 2
The State I lived in for almost 11 years

This is the city I was born in

Wisconsin Travel
Probably the State I will die in (unless I die on vacation)



All of these sites are either sites I have already ordered from, or want to order from. It seems like their prices are competitive and the companies are well established.

ABC Distributing
I ALWAYS shop from their catalog. They have inexpensive nick-knacks.

Alchemy and Gothic
Here there are several sites where you can order Gothic Supplies

All the Right Stuff
Everything you'll need to have THE BEST dinosaur or outer space party in town. From favors to fun, gifts to games, paper plates to puzzles, you'll find it all right here

Amazon Books
New and Used Books

Amazon Books in German
This is where I buy books for my Mom

Barnes and Noble
My favorite bookstore in town

Buy all kinds of candys for yourself, or in bouquets as presents

This is a pet supply store. When I couldn't afford one month, they sent it to me for free. Awesome business!!!

Discount School Supplies
Great Educational Materials for Young Minds

Disturbing Auctions
Distasteful Items for sale

Dollar Stretcher
Your Weekly Resource for Simple Living Saving You Time and Money

Earthbound Farm
Company grows and packages specialty salad greens and organic produce. Find a product list, or get recipe ideas.

E-Bay Auction
I use the auction a LOT! I even bought Mandy's and my own wedding gown on here!

Feng Shui Megamall
Everything you need for Feng Shui and more

Golden Temple
Golden Temple is committed to providing the finest natural foods and health products possible. Also available: Yogi Tea

Half Off
I always check on before I buy a book anywhere else.

Hamilton Books
I love this place. It's a Book-seller that has books for up to 80% off the original price

Hello Fresh
This store will send you a box of food and the recepies to prepare the food for a somewhat decent price
This is for those type of people who have never really learned how to cook,
or for those of us who just spent way too many days in restaurants, due to time-contstraints

Jaffe Brothers Organic Fruits and Nuts
Specializes in organic dried fruits, nuts, grain, seeds and dates. Find condiments, coffee, baking ingredients, snacks and gifts as well.

La Siembra Co-Op
Find such organic products as cocoa and evaporated sugarcane juice. Company lists ingredients, availability and the goals of the organization.

LTD Commodities
Another place I order from by mail ALL the time!

Lundberg Family Farms
Browse a catalog of brown rice, special rice varieties and brown-rice products from Northern California. With a recipe index.

Musician's Friend
A music store that has everything you've ever dreamed of buying.

Natural Value
Offers natural and organic foods and other "planet-friendly" products. Find items such as produce, bulk pasta, kitchen goods and pet foods.

Organic Provisions
Located in Pennsylvania, this organic retailer offers a variety of kosher items and gardening and macrobiotic products. Request a catalog.

Pet Smart
Bought a couple of pets from them before when I lived in UT.

Road's End Organics
Producers of dairy free, organic pastas and cheese. Order a box of penne, macaroni or shells and cheese.

Saturday Markets
Search for Saturday and Sunday markets, farmers' markets and open-air markets across the US. Click on a state, and visit the featured booth.

Shop at home
Free Catalogs and Magazines

My favorite brand-name for Electronics

Straus Family Creamery
Order organic, California sweet and salted butter, cheddar cheese and jack cheese. With ordering details.

Sun Organic Farm
Provides secure ordering from a catalog offering natural, untreated foods. Buy gift baskets, dried fruit, beverages, and pantry needs.

We may not have a local store yet, but I drove all the way to Madison to shop there before. We're supposed to get one here soon though.

Travelocity Airfare
Good prices on Airfare and other vacation items...

Village Organics
Offers home delivery of organic vegetarian and vegan natural foods, including coffee, tea, kosher health food and other gourmet foods.

Wild Oats
I used to go there all the time when I lived in SLC, UT. I miss it A LOT!! Features a catalog of products, market information, and natural-food related news. Ask a nutritionist a food-related question.


Other Links:

These are just links that don't fit in any other category

The official Home Page of the Walt Disney Company

Kelly Blue Book
Find out what your car is worth or if you're paying too much for that car on the lot

Directions to anywhere in the US

Weather Intellicast (Biometereology)
Weather for Active Lives

Weather Bug
The one I love. Free version or banner free version available. It is SOOOO neat!

Yahoo E-Mail Groups
Support Groups just a click away

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