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Comedians I've seen and liked
I have seen lots, but only a few make my favorites list featured here.
However, to make my list online, they also have to have a website. So there might be a few that I don't feature her, but they're still superb.

Dale Jones
Comedian Dale Jones
Dale is my absolute favorite! You have never laughed this hard in your life. I was surprised not to catch people rolling on the floor. This guy is AWESOME!!!! I'm glad I went to the bathroom before the show!!! Really, this guy is hard to top. The funniest about him is the way he can distort his face. His hyperactivity on stage adds a touch to his show as well. He's a definite must see! He reminds me of one of my favorites in Showbiz: Jim Carrey. I have now seen Dale four times and he's not just a great comedian, but the way it looks he has a great personality as well. I can't wait till he's back in La Crosse again.
Greg Morton
Comedian Greg Morton
Ohhhhhhhhhhh Brother! This is another comedian that tests your Kegel Muscles. He's a wonderful Tina Turner and a sexy Prince, down to the purple tights Prince wore on the cover of Purple Rain. He's the first taupe man I've ever met, claiming his Mom beat the black off of him! A very talented Entertainer and number two on my favorite list! He's also a real nice guy!
Chrissy Burns
Comedienne Chrissy Burns
"Take time to laugh, it is music to your soul" is Chrissy's advice to all! This woman is hilarious. She has battled brain cancer and laughs in its face. She loves younger men in Krispy Kreme Hats and speeding through North Dakota. It's kind of amazing what all she comes up with just by digging... well, you'll just have to see what all she has up (or down) her boobs!!!We've seen her twice now!
Scotty K.
Comedian Scotty K.
Scotty is a Preacher's son with ADHD and a degree in Psychology. His show skillfully incorporates brilliant characterizations, sidesplitting observations, mixed with improv and music. The moment he steps on stage you can not help but be caught up in his spontaneous energy and hysterical point of view. Scotty is so fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuny!
David Crowe
Comedian David Crowe
Crowe's parents are both immigrants, making him a first generation American, who made his home in Washington. He is the only Comedian in history to win both the Seattle and San Francisco International Comedy Competitions. From a dilemma with a Selsun Blue bottle to a flying Wiener Kite, he delivers jokes with his quick witted personality that leaves you wanting for more. To learn why people are offended by dirty words, or about second hand beverage, come see his show. Crowe has an extensive website with video footage and also a DVD for sale.
Rob Little
Comedian Rob Little
Crazy Rob... there's something about him....
maybe it's a body buried in the basement?
No really though, Rob's a pretty funny guy and has some cool jokes up his sleeve! He also has a cool and extensive website with some great videos and a ton of pictures. In 2003 he was a Finalist in the San Francisco International Comedy Competition. In January, 2005 he was in the Distraction Show on Comedy Central and then he won 25,000 on CBS's show Fire Me Please!
Valerie Storm
Comedienne Valerie Storm
This Southern Bell from Florida will educate you on what a comma is, the reason why Minnie Mouse always giggles and what was that about big ears? Val had the crowd roaring talking about divorce and ugly balls. Valerie also has an interesting remake of the song "I will always love you".
Mike Dambra
Comedian Mike Dambra
From Pickles with Helmets to Wet Nightmares, Mike, a native of Rochester New York, has a way to talk about things that leave you holding your belly and shake your head. He talks about Negros (pronounced Knee-grows) and the ABC. Though this is not a PG show, it's definitely a must see.

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