Thoughts on Causes of Mental & Physical Disease from our Environment


You ask what made me decide to create this page? Well.... something just occurred to me and I looked it up on the internet and found some interesting websites.

What made me look, you ask? Well, I had this question in my mind: "Why does it seem like there is a cluster of people who suffer from Bipolar Disorder around here. If only 5 % of the Population are supposed to suffer from Bipolar, why is it, that there are soooo many people I know who either are diagnosed or act like they are Bipolar. Hmmm... well then I wondered if La Crosse was hooked up to Fluoridated water... guess what.. yup, you guessed it.

However, Iím not saying Fluoride poisoning causes Bipolar.. BUT maybe it DOES cause some similar symptoms? And lets not stop there.. what about the mercury we have in our teeth.. thatís a poison too. And on and on the list goes.

Nuture or nature? I know they say that Bipolar runs in families, but maybe some of that is due to the fact we live in the same household? Well, you already have seen my Aspertame poison link on my main health page, so I will leave this out of here. This is going to be a whole lot of websites I believe have some legitimate information on it, or at least some info we should think about!


Amalgam Illnesses This site has Frequently Asked Questions about Amalgam Related Illnesses as well as a ton of other information.
Fouride My page on Fluoirde from Time Magazine
Fluoridation in Drinking Water Another awesome site. This site explains what Fuoride and Aluminum does to our health
Fluoride: Wide Range of Serious Health Problems This is a very extensive site.. not just about Fluoride Poisening, but a lot of other useful information as well!
Fluoride - Acute Toxicity Re-examinated Acute Fluoride Poisonings have occured at much lower doses as previously thought of as toxic.
Lead Poisoning What lead poisoning can do to you and where you get it from
Mercury Poisoning This site promotes a book I have not read, but it also explains a bit about Amalgam Illness.
Pesticide Poisoning A site about symptoms of Pesticide Poisoning and how to protect yourself and your property.
Pesticides are chemicals A site about symptoms of Pesticide Poisoning and how to protect yourself and your property.

Between five to ten million household poisonings are reported every year Ė many are fatal, and most of the victims are children.

Health Risks Associated With Some Toxic Cleaners:
From "Is Your Home A Healthy Home?" By John K. Beaulieu (R. M. Barry Publications, 1997)
Air Freshener May cause cancer; irritates nose, throat and lungs.
Disinfectant May cause burning on skin, throat and lungs; may cause coma.
Drain Cleaner May cause skin burns, liver and kidney damage.
Oven Cleaner May cause skin,throat and lung burns.
Window Cleaner May cause Central Nervous System (CNS) disorders, liver and kidney disorders.
Floor/Furniture Polish May cause CNS disorders and lung cancer.
Toilet Bowl Cleaner May cause skin, nose, throat and lung burns.
Dishwasher Liquid Harmful if swallowed; irritates the skin.
Bleach May cause CNS disorders.
Stain Remover May cause cancer; vapors can be fatal.


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