Die Hard 2


Rated R, 2 hours 4 Minutes

Starring: Bruce Willis


Here is what the cover has to say:
On a snowy Christmas Eve in the nation's capital, a team of terrorists has seized a major International airport and now holds thousands of holiday travelers hostage. The terrorists, a renegade band of crack military commandos led by a murderous rogue officer, have come to rescue a drug lord from justice. They’ve prepared for every contingency except one: John McClane, an off-duty cop gripped with a feeling of deadly déjà vu. Bruce Willis returns as the heroic cop who battles not only terrorists, but also an incompetent airport police chief, the hard-headed commander of the Army’s anti-terrorist squad and a deadly winter snowstorm. The runways are littered with death and destruction, and McClane is in a race against time. His wife is trapped on one of the planes circling overhead, which is desperately low on fuel. It’s all-out war, a heart stopping, jet-propelled journey filled with excitement and terror. Fasten your seat belts!


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