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I was a Licensed Daycare Provider in La Crosse, Wisconsin starting February 1999 and had been certified for 5 months prior. I closed my doors in February 2015.

I have always liked working with children, been a Foster Mom here in La Crosse for 4 years, and a Foster Mom to "hard-to-handle" Teens for 3 years in Salt Lake City, UT and have had my first two years of schooling in Child Psychology and I have my Infant and Toddler Credential

My husband Donny has been licensed alongside me and had participated in the care of the children since May 2002. My son David and his wife Amanda were my Substitutes.

Philosophy Statement

Here are some pictures of the kids that have been in my care and some of the activities we have done.


Zach at Waterplay Zach at Waterplay
Zach at waterplay

Triston, Zoe, and Cody at Waterply Triston, Zoe, and Cody at Waterply
Triston, Zoe, and Cody doing the same
waterplay waterplay

Alex dressing up
Alex dressing up
He's the Prince

Picnic on Trampoline Picnic on Trampoline
Picnic outside on the trampoline with Cody, Triston, Spencer, Jessie and Zach. The State passed a law and we are not allowed to have the Trampoline anymore.

Mikey and Savannah on Trampoline
Mikey and Savannah jumping on the trampoline

Alex, Emily, Wendy, Aydin and Lindsey
Alex, Emily, Wendy, Aydin and Mom Lindsey in the Daycare Room

Art Projects

Taylor coloring
Taylor coloring

Taylor's art
Taylor showing off her finished art project

Tydon with his artwork
Tydon putting "clouds" on his "sky"

Jason with his artwork
Jason showing off his art-project

Field Trips

At the Zoo
Fun at the Zoo
Donny, Jessica, Austen, Tyler, Spencer, Alex, Tydon, Triston and Emily

At Burger King
Lunch at Burger King
Jessica, Emily, Tydon, Austen, Spencer, Alex, Tyler and Triston

At Recycling
Field Trip to Recycling
Naomi, Jenny and Autumn


Lil' David

Minda eating Spaghetti

Cody eating Pizza

Zoe eating a cookie

"Just" Pictures

Savannah acting surprised

Autumn and Kole
Autumn and Kole

Some of my handouts I created

Brain Development A letter to parents about Brain Development
Welcome Brochure A Welcome Brochure for new parents introducing the center and staff
Resource List Resource List for Parents of the La Crosse, Wisconsin area

Cody and Frannie
Cody and Frances

More Pics Resume

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