Copper Mountain


Rated PG, 1 hour

Starring: Jim Carrey


Here is what the cover has to say:
Bobby Todd and Jackson Reach are two carefree bachelors on an adventure to a Club Med ski resort in Colorado. Their mission: to seek out beautiful women and to fulfill their wildest dreams. Bobby is the jokester, insanely funny but with one major problem... meeting women. Every time he approaches a gorgeous female his hilarious antics and outragous gags always seem to backfire, usually at the most embarrassing moments. Jackson is the flamboyant playboy, in pursuit fo his ultimate person goal, the World Pro-Am Ski Championships. But he must first race an overweight bartender to qualify. To Jackson's disbelief, the uninspired barkeep gives him the race of his life. Filled with laughter and special appearances by Olympic Skiing Gold Medalist Jean-Claude Killy, and music greats, Rita Coolidge and Ronnie Hawkins. Copper Mountain, a place where two outlandish characters go in search of excitement, and really find.. themselves.


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