Stuff About Computers

This is all stuff from my own experience. Things I learned over the years or sites I have explored and find useful!

Driver Guide Downloads of drivers for your hardware. You do have to sign up for a free membership to get full access of the site.
Firefox This is a web browser I've been using for a long time now. It's safer than Explorer and I like the options. Unfortunately, not all websites work with firefox, so you do have to keep explorer around.
Google Toolbar Download this nifty thing to stop most every pop-up you get if you have Internet Explorer 6+ and Windows XP SP3/Vista/7+ . You can allow pop-ups easy by clicking the pop-up button.
HTML Checker This site will check your coding and let you know of any errors. It is free if you check one page at a time (click the single page button)
Java script - Dynamic Drive A great site to figure out how to use Java Script in your website
NASA's Astronomy Pictures Daily pictures that make a great Wallpaper on your desktop. Especially when you download the Wallpaper Changer down below.
Paintshop Pro Support Paintshop Pro Tutorial Shop. Learn how to make your own clipart or how to restore a photograph. Paint Shop Pro is a nifty tool to have for building web-sites.
PC World My favorite PC Magazine
Popcap Games Play Games online, or download them. They have such favorites as Collapse, Bookworm, or Alchemy (my 3 favorites)
WallMaster Wallpaper Changer This will take a bunch of your Astronomy Pictures (or whatever other pics you choose) and make them into slilde-show on your desktop or change them in any other interval you decide on.
However, the new windows versions do not need this program. They have their own verison included.
Weather Bug This is an incredible Weather Forecast Program. It has a bit of advertisement, but you can buy the Program with no Ads and added features as well.

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