Brain Development child

I would like to discuss Brain Development. Care Bear Educare spends a lot of time holding and snuggling your little Angels. Research has found this to be one of the most important roles in Brain Development. At birth a child has 100 billion brain cells (neurons) and 50 trillion connections (synapses). In the first 3 years of life those connections multiply more than 20 times and it is our concern to connect as many of these cells as possible in those important first three years. We achieve this by giving your child continuous and predictable care by a care-giver whom the child likes and trusts. Your child will always have our attention and support in a safe and clean place to play. There are enough toys in an age-appropriate environment and there is the opportunity for physical play, interesting learning materials, and the outdoors. We read and sing to your child on a daily basis. We are also part of the WECA Food Program which provides your child with nutritious meals and snacks.

We know that parents are the child’s first teachers and to limit the amount of strangers In the child’s environment. It is best to find a dependable care-giver who has the best interest of your child in mind and is willing and able to care for your child long-term. Research has also taught us to try to limit harsh voices, tv usage, and changes in care-giving routines. Care Bear Educare strives to do all we can do, in order to insure your child’s proper development in this regard.

If you would like more detailed information, please visit the following links, or pick up a copy of these sites from the center.

Brain Development

You may also request an appointment to view the video “The First Years Last Forever” by Rob Reiner. This is a video explaining how important the relationship between care-giver and child is in the critical first years of life and will last approximately 30 minutes. Loaning will be available for a $5.- refundable charge.