ADHD in Adults

I remember how difficult school could be. I remember getting mad at the teachers for not letting me sit right in front by the board and I would lie to them and tell them I couldn't see. Windows distracted me. Kids distracted me. But when I sat right up front by the board, I was able to pay attention for the most part!!! At night, it took me HOURS to fall asleep. I remember my Mom telling me that I used to kick the blankets off of the bed when I was little and never could sit still. I remember kicking my legs against the board... just for something to do! I remember losing EVERYTHING..never knowing where I put things and spending hours trying to find what I lost! I'm forgetful... always have been!!! However, my brain tests always came back perfect... I'm not REALLY forgetful when you speak about memory.. I just get distracted quite easily...again...always have been!!! I always found it hard listening to people.... I'm generally rather impatient. I always told myself I was a type A personality.. someone that just never can sit still. I never could sit down and watch a movie without doing something while I was doing it. I hated phones before there were cordless ones.. cause You have to stay in one place to use it! And oh my... I ALWAYS forget about my appointments!!! Once I forgot my Mom's birthday!!! I can be in the kitchen and think "I have to by some ketchup.. I better write that down". Then I go into the office to write it down and either completely forgot what I was going to do and do something else, or I remember that I was going to write something down, but don't remember what!! It takes a lot to get me mad, but when I get mad, I don't get mad slowly. When I get mad, I get MAD!!! Explosive would be a good way to describe it. Not that I get physical, but I rip people's heads off with my words!!! A few years ago, I was put on Tenex for my blood pressure. I didn't notice it right away, but I DID notice it after a few weeks. I was calm. So much calmer than I was before!!! It wasn't much later I found out that this med is also used for aggression. And it was not for another few years until I found out that this med is used for ADHD!!!

Of course I didn't know I had ADHD until I had my tests done in May 2012. I thought I had something wrong with my memory, cause I had such a hard time remembering things... even words!! My docctor send me to a Neroscience Psychologist who performed a few tests. I've always been above average in most of those tests and still am....all... except for one!!! The test really made me mad, cause I KNEW what I was supposed to do, I just COULDN'T do it!!! Anyway, now I found out that's because I have ADHD!! I knew stimulants weren't for me and Anti-depressents like Welbutrin cause me to get mean... my son has been on Intunive, so I asked my doc if I could be put on Intuniv. Little did I know that Intunive is the SAME medication as Tenex... go figure!!!

I ended up not taking anything for my ADHD. I de-stressed a little, which caused me to have a little less symptoms, but I still have problems at times!


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