March 11th 2016
I let Emily and Jessica move back in with me a while back.. I know right? I must be pretty stupid. I really don't know why I let them, but I guess I'm just gullible and thought they'd changed. I mean, I'm their Mom.. I love them.. so I think the best of them.. well I need to quit that shit! When Emily moved out I found a bunch of shit in her bathroom that she took from the house without asking.. Then Jessica moved out and I about freaked.. she stole my picture album.. her excuse? There were a bunch of pictures taking out and I wanted to save it before more pictures dissappeared.. like a ghost took them? WTF? And then of course there's Tydon.. we have had nothing but problems with him. Drugs, alcohol..running away and doing stupid shit..like breaking into peoples cars and garages. He also took our window screen out of the window and threw it away... trashed another screen.. and he has a video on my tablet where he drank our bottle of vodka and spitting all over his room... ALL OVER THE PLACE! What a disgusting pig!!! And then we have Julia...our counselor fresh out of school (oh no wait she's still going to school) who thinks we had a break through cause I gave up trying and didn't get mad at Tydon. I don't want him back home... that doesn't mean I don't love him... just don't want to live with him... but of course I have to do what the system wants me to do. And someone shot little holes all over our garage siding.. and I'm sure it was one of OUR kids. Donny is pretty upset..saying it's depressing to see all three of his kids with Theresa being fuck-ups just like her. To me it's like I wished I would've never adopted them. It's sometimes really embarrasing calling me their Mom. I don't have any hope left for them... maybe Emily will finish school and do something with her life, but they will all three always be cheaters, liars and thieves. Not the kind of kids I was raising. And there is your experiment... nature wins over nuture... and it doesn't seem like I'm the only one that's experiencing that... I know another lady who has severe troubles with her adopted kids and she's a good Mom too. My advice to anyone who wants to adopt... be on the look-out..know the genetical make-up of the child and the mental diseases that run in that family...

On a lighter note, David is doing wonderfully good in his career and Jenny is making good money and has a wonderful guy in her life. Benji is delightful most of the time and seems to be David all over again. Right now we have my bird Cheerios. She is a pocket parrot (a conure) and she's amazing. We have 3 cats (Lquorice, Sparkles and our Baby Bubbles), 8 chickens and our bunny Pepper.
We just went to the Dells for a one night trip and Benji got sick with influenza..what a bummer.
Next Saturday is Benji's Birthday Party. He will have a minecraft Birthday again. And in 4 weeks, we will be going to Germany for 3 weeks.
I worked at the Pots Office for 2 months, but kept falling and was working way too many hours to like it, so I quit. Now I am starting as a cook at Eagle Crest South, which is a Assistant Living Facility. If I ever need one of those, that's where I want to go.. man is that place nice.
Am in the middle of spring cleaning. I really like my home. I hope we don't lose it when we go Bankrupt. It's just a matter of time before we have to file it. I'm assuming Tydon's Child Support will come due soon and then there's no way around it.

I had gastric bypass on October 7th. I had lost 30 lbs prior to surgery and am now down 80 lbs all together. I feel good and I look good. No more pre-diabetic either and I'm not on blood pressure meds anymore. Just another 1 1/2 years and life will look brighter.