February 13th, 2013
Well, it's all good. Emily is still not the perfect child, but I'm able to deal with it better now. I love my man and I can deal! Other than child problems, I'm doing really good. I'm working on getting the Karaoke business back up and I jsut looked at my life and was thinking that have lived so much already! I have done so many different things and experienced just such a tremendous amount of stuff.. I'm really proud of myself and what I've accomplished too! And then of course there is David's accomplishment with work and Jenny is graduating this year! I've done something right! And Jessica looks like will go to college too, so that's a BIG thing!!! Benji is the love of my life!!! He's just so adorable and I'm so glad I had him. I now have a very nice new friend named Amy. Her and Brian (her husband) come to the houe and hang out with donny and I, which I really like. It's good to have friends like that!!
Well, nothing happened in 2012, and we're still ticking with computers and stuff.. soooo.. got this huge amount of canned goods to go through now.. that's ok though..will save me some food money in the long run...lol.
It's my Mom's Birthday today. She was born in 38, so she's 75 years old now.

May 22nd, 2013
May is not a good month this year. First Brandon died, then I got a ticket for not yielding to a pedestrian (which I never do) and now Monster died. I feel so drained... I love my chickens. I guess I was less depressed over Brandon's passing.. more sad for his family members than for myself and not just cause I haven't seen him in a long time, but also because I KNOW where he's going... what about animals? Do animals live on like we do? I personally have never seen an animal spirit.. however I've read about them and heard others say they've seen their dead pet.. I guess I put my trust in that. Maybe Monster will come visit me. But I still feel so sad! My 10 year anniversary was last Satuday and even though it was wonderful, it was overshadowed by Brandon's passing the weekend before and the absence of my closest friends. Aaron and Chris of course because of Brandon and Amy because her husband was very sick. That said, I have gained some wonderful friends lately. My new female best friend is Amy. And Chris (Aaron's brother) ended up to be a great friend as well. and because of Chris I got closer to Dawn and found out that she's an awesome friend as well. So I guess it's not all gloom and doom. And of course my hubby and I are still getting along wonderfully after 10 wonderful years. I feel blessed to have him in my life! Found out that Emily smokes pot and cigarettes.. she's been sluffing school...wonderful!

September 7th, 2013
Wow, what a few months can do. Emily is going to get married! I suggested it, cause she wants to play house with Jacob and I'm not going to be responsible for her when she lives a hour away from home. And frankly, I rather have her married, knowing where she is than running of every chance she gets and me having no clue where she is.
I'm in the process of painting the kitchen. I started it months ago, but kinda lost the hmpf to do much of anything. Too much stress with everything else I guess. And of course summer... I really do not like summer!!! It's still hot out, but the promise of cooler air and fall colors are just around the corner. I can't wait!! I've been keeping up with my yard for the most part... I hate the way our garage looks, but I can't do much about that... don't know what to do with all the crap. Most of it is Donny's anyway. Once Emily moved out, I"m gonna move Jessica downstairs and Benji into her room. The other room is going to house a bunk bed and we're going to do respit for Wendy and I'm hoping to qualify for Foster care of a special needs child and eventually adopt that child.. I would love to take care of a child with Downs Syndrome!!! So yeah, I'll be busy this winter... but it's for a good change and I'm looking forward to it. Especially since all of this is done I want to tone the Daycare way down!!!
I started two businesses this year. The first was Avon and I'm not doing too bad with it.. most of my orders are paid for by sales. Then I started a coffee business. That I started just recently and hope to make more than just what I order for myself. I would like to get this started in Germany with my brother... not sure if he's willing to give it a try.. haven't talked to him yet.
Benji is growing up so fast it's just unbelievable. I feel like I don't spend enough time with him. So this weekend we have a few things on the agenda. We went to the Twilight Tour in Northskadalen. Today we went to the Story telling festival and saw Hans Mayer and tomorrow we will be going to the Children's Museum.
Amy and I have gotten really close, while Lisa and I have drifted apart. I made a few new friends too. We almost lost one of them. Her name is Kim and she ended up on Life-support due to a bad infection. However, she was released from the hospital yesterday and is supposed to be back to normal soon. Thank goodness!!!

December 9th, 2013
Well, lots has happened again since last time. Emily is now married and out of the house. She got in trouble again for punching through two windows. Destruction of property and Disorderly Conduct. She also took the device out of her arm that prevented her from getting pregnant. I so do not believe she can raise a child. I hope she is barren and will never conceive. That might be a horrible thing to say, but with her condition and her life partner, it would really be the best for her and the future child Jessica has been rather difficult, but she's starting to take her meds at school tomorrow, so she's pretty much forced to taking it. I'm sure there will be a difference, cause she hasn't been taking them on a regular schedule for at least 5 months now. I've moved Benji into Emily's old room after renovating it. It was a mess. She drew on the walls, broke her screen, made holes in the wall and spots on the floor. It's now light blue with dark blue splotches and everything is fixed. Tydon is just getting done moving into Benji's old room downstairs. I just had to touch up some pain in that room. I've applied for Foster Care through Lutheran Social Services in the hope of adopting a child with Downs Syndrome. I also hopeing to do just Fostercare while we're waiting for that. Benji is doing awesome. He can read now and he's playing the piano like a pro. He's getting really good at horse back riding as well. Right now I have a horrible cold and it's in the middle of the night, cause I can't sleep cause of it. I've decided to quit drinking soda. Especially Mountian Dew. There is a substance in it that causes memory problems, fatigue and muscle problems among other things. I don't need that. Besides, I'm starting to develop diabetis and I think quitting soda might get me back to the numbers I was before. I dont' want this crap. Things are still going excellent with Donny. Also, it might get me to lose some much needed weight. I'm still friends with Amy, even though I caught her in a couple of lies by now.