February 8th, 2010
Well, we've got two Birthdays behind us. Now Jessicas and then Benji's. I can't wait for Benji's party. I'm so looking forward to it. I'm hoping he'll be able to start going to school soon too..he so wants to.

I made a friend. A very special friend. Thom Pace! He used to be one of my favorite artists when I was 14. I remember listening to 'Maybe' and 'Friends' over and over and over again. I've been talking to him for about a month now. I became his friend on his Birthday (January 13th) on facebook and we've been writing each other several times a day since then. I really consider him my friend and people who know me know, I don't take this title litely. He's also a big inspiration to me.. I haven't had the urge to mess with the music like this in ages. I mean God..when is the last time I even attempted to write a song? I have dreams again..dreams of songs... I haven't written it down though. I need to put a pen and paper close to my bed again to write them down with. I would love to meet him some day and listen to him sing...maybe sing with him..that would be soooo cool!!! I'm jumping the gun though... we're far from being THAT close.... His e-mails put a smile on my face though..they make the day go smoother. This is how Aaron and my friendship started and if we wouldn't have been boyfriend/girlfriend, I know we'd still be just as close... we've gotten closer again with time, but not as close as we were in the beginning. It's nice to have someone to write to and get to know. He's an awesome musician and a great person too. I'm glad I requested to be his friend on facebook. I also started working on the websites again... I'm making him one.. I forgot how much fun it was to see it come to live.

On the home front we're having some trouble with Emily. She's really depressed and has been for a while now. I don't know how to help her, but she's sooo going on my nerves at times. And she's not caring enough to clean her room, do her homework or do anything else for that matter. Jessica on the other hand is a little b with an itch to her siblings like always and can't keep Emily alone. She still doesn't seem to have many friends and still just stays home all the time.. she's 14 on the 12th.. I just can't imagine that's even close to normal. I used to be gone all the time at that age... hung out with friends, went places..even by myself...just to do something..instead, she just goes on everyones nerves. I'm looking forward to what it will be like when the two girls are out of the house.

Donny and I are still getting along so beautifully. I love the man so much!! And just as important, I know he loves me just as much in return!! Benji of course is the love of my life. And he's soooo spoiled, but that's ok. He's the last one.. he can be spoiled. David is going back to school. I'm happy about that. Jenny will be going back again too this next quarter. Both of them won't need much longer to be done. I'm so looking forward to their graduations. The first in my family for several generations. I'm happy with life for the most part. I'm in a good place. I'm looking forward to have my house finished and using the land for "play" until the girls are gone.

May 8th, 2010
The craziness continues. Now Tydon is in a depression. He has lost 4 lbs in the last 3 weeks on his already small figure. He now looks like a stick figure. However, he continues doing good in school which I absolutely love. He has a goal though, unlike the girls. He knows he has to do good to be what he wants to be. I can't even remember what it's called, but it has something to do with archeology. I hope he keeps his goal in mind throughout his life.

Emily...well, she still doesn't do her homework and she can be such a little ...arghhhhhh!!! She also has her period now and you can definitely tell when she's on it. It's just like when she doesn't get enough sleep. Jessica also hasn't been doing her homework again, so now both girls lost their trip to the Dells this coming up weekend. I know they're mad, but hey... somehow they need to learn. All Jessica said was "6 missing assignments is NOT that bad" ????? EXCUSE ME? ANY missing assignment is bad. One.. I can maybe excuse, but 3 or more.. nope.. not in this home!!!

I enrolled Benji in swimming and gymnastics and we're calling it school and he LOVES it. He so looks forward to going and he already "graduated" his first swimming class and moved on to the next level. He's a fast learner.

I'm still friends with Thom. We don't write quite as much anymore like we used to, but we still write more than most of my friends. Aaron was here visiting a few weeks ago with Kathy and we had a good time, even though they were here less than 24 hours. Kathy is thinking about coming back next year. I also found a couple of old friends on facebook... Jimmy the Karaoke Guy who is now in a band and Joe, someone from UT I used to date. I really like facebook. I think it's neat how you can find old friends you haven't talked to in forever, or make new friends.

Donny is going to be off for 9 days, starting Monday. It's going to be nice having him home. We're going to the Dells Friday and staying till Sunday. I'm so looking forward to the break!! I've been run down lately... getting so tired and having problems with my eye-sight and being dizzy again. I know I need to go get my Pseudo tumor checked out, but I hate making an appointment just to feel better 2 days before I have to go in. I wish they would see me quicker! Oh well.. if I still have problems with my vision Monday, I will make the call!

May 10th, 2010
In January 1996 I wrote:
My life in 10 years: I would like to be remarried to my soul-mate, and have my little daughter Cassandra Fay. I would like to be a housewife and maybe make a little money by performing somewhere with my singing. I would like to live close to the city, but in a house that has some land with it so I can have a couple of horses and a few other animals. I would like to own a Boa again. My house should be nice, with nice furniture and my own room where I can sing and retreat. I want to be the perfect mother for my 3rd child. I would like to have a weight-room in my house, have a boat to go water-skiing with and my Honda Goldwing I've been dreaming about for so long. I'd like to be a non-smoker and maybe have a decree in something. I'm going to be a US citizen. I want to be close to my kids and my husband's family and I want to have friends I can rely on. I want to be slim and in good health. I won't need a whole lot of money, as long as I can meet the bills and live comfortable. I want to be loved and give love in return.

Well.... I'm not skinny and I don't live in the country yet, BUT: we do own land in the country AND: I did marry my soul-mate in 2003. In 2006 I actually did make money from my singing..sort of... I was a KJ and I could do it again any time I would want to.... not at the moment though.. maybe in the future. I am sort of a housewife, cause I'm at home working in my Daycare and I DID get my "3rd" child, only it's a boy and it was 11 years before I had him.. but I was pregnant in 2006... so that counts..lol. I also have a nice house, with nice furniture and even though I'm not rich, we do live comfortable. We do have a boat and I given up on the Goldwing and weight-room. I AM a non-smoker and I'm working on my decree in Elementary Education. I AM a US citizen. I am close to my kids and my husband's family loves me. I do have a few close friends I can rely on. I have a happy life.. most of my goals from back then have been fullfilled, or are close to being fullfilled.

September 25th, 2010
Wow.... I've been so busy... I hate not having time to do things I actually like doing... Starting school right now was not a good idea... but how could I have known that I was going to be so busy with the Daycare...they're implementing a 5 star program called Young Star and I'm crazy busy going to classes and trying to get the Daycare ready for it here. I feel like time is running away from me. I'm glad that Wednesday is my first evaluation visit and then I probably don't have to work quite as hard any more... just school... which is stressful in and of itself, cause of math.. I hate online math. I definitely am stressed... and I need to slow down. Tomorrow is going to be another busy busy day...trying to get everything done for Wednesday. I should be able to get everything I want to get done tomorrow... then I have Monday and Tuesday to work in the garage a little bit, since I wanna make some room for stuff out of storage so I can give the storage up. I so want another little storage shed here so I have more room to store things. I'm going to hire someone for the Daycare, so I have more time to study and so Benji has some fun things to do. I love that little boy of mine soooo much!!!