January 13, 1993
Doug has served me with papers. I can't believe this. Does he really think he will get away with this? He will regret it for the rest of his life. I have quit my job and I will go to school as soon as possible. I will get my Psychology Degree. John is very supportive in all of this and I really love him for it. We are still very close and haven't fought once. I'm still convinced that this relationship is the final step to a "happily ever after." We are so much alike. David and Jenny actually would like to have John to be their real father. They are slowly getting better, but I do think they will need psychological help.

December 26, 1993
Boy, it's been such a long time. John and I have been married for 7 months now (tomorrow) and in one week we have been living in our wonderful home for 8 months. So much has happened. I still love John deeply. We're so good together. We have a brand new Toyota Tercel since August and a pool table. We also have a Foster-son (James). He's 15. Life's been treating all of us wonderful this year.