January 3, 1986
David is 81 cm tall and has 14 teeth. He understands everything I tell him and doesn't get nursed anymore. He's a wonderful child.

February 22, 1986
Matt, Gray, Doug, David and I had a car accident last Monday (the 17th). Doug was driving. It's a miracle that we're all still alive. Doug was also lucky that they didn't give him a test, cause he was drunk. David was in the hospital until the 20th, just to get checked out. He cried a lot. I'm glad nothing happened to him. Gray had a black eye, and his bones were hurting just as bad as mine. I also had some scratches in my face from the glass and a small wound on my leg. Gray and I were sitting in back. David was on Grays lab. Doug's ribs hurt and his shoulder bones pushed together. He will always have pain in that area. Matt, who sat in the passenger seat had the worst injuries. He had glass in his eye and his left hand was broken. He had a deep wound on his leg that needed stitches. As we got into Rothsweiler, I asked Doug to slow down. He said he can go faster and faster and that when the car ended up spinning in a curve and hit a wall. The way the car looked, Matt had a guardian angel with him, cause the motor was almost on top of his seat. David is already saying "down, babab (for eating) and no" and he goes number 2 on the potty. We started going bowling every Friday now. It's fun. David is having a tummy flu at the moment. He's 81 cm tall and weighs 24.5 lbs.

March 4, 1986
David has 16 teeth now. He was in the hospital for 3 days cause of the car accident, but he didn't have anything, just for observation. He's now 82 cm tall and he's getting potty trained. He can say "Mama, Mami, Daddy, down, no and eiei". He weighs 25.5 lbs.

April 9, 1986
David is now 84 cm tall and his new words are "key, car and baby".

May 14, 1986
I want to get pregnant again. I quit taking the pill the beginning of this month.

July 10, 1986
David is now 89 cm tall and he repeats everything you say. He knows 3 German words: Oma, Opa and fort.

July 10, 1986
David is 89 cm tall and weighs 30 lbs. He can say anything he wants to now.

August 30, 1986
Daddy was in the field a while and he came back yesterday. I went to Wiesbaden for a week and then went to Linda's house in Marktbergel. Afterward I went to Grafenwoehr to visit Daddy. We slept in the car the first night. Doug was so wonderful to me. I felt like I was on cloud nine. It was almost nicer then the first time. We made love like never before. I read before that change can make you feel so different. It's true too. I wouldn't suggest for people to have their first time in a car, but sometime in their life, everyone should try that. I'm still not pregnant, but Dr. Haselmeyer told me everything was ok. After Grafenwoehr, Linda and I went to Bayreuth to her parents' house. We went out that night and some 19 year old fell in love with me. I feel sorry for him. I used to feel the same way before I had Doug. I was always the one who fell in love with the ones who either were already involved or who couldn't stand me. Oh well, he'll get over it quickly. The same as Joe, whom I met in Wiesbaden a few months ago. He had fallen in love with me too. When I told him I was happily married he looked so sad. Oh well, what am I supposed to do?

September 27, 1986
I think I'm pregnant. I'm 3 days past due. I would be so happy.

September 28, 1986
Too bad.. I got my period today.

October 29, 1986
I'm almost for certain that it worked this time. I'm really pregnant. I'm going to have a test on Monday. I'm 2 days past due and my tummy is pulling and I have discharge from my breasts.

November 3, 1986
The test was negative. I still think that I'm pregnant. I just feel it!

November 9, 1986
I'm 12 days past due. I'm sure that a baby is growing inside of me. I'm going back for a pregnancy test tomorrow. I can somehow feel that I'm pregnant. I feel good, but I have a pulling in my belly.

November 11, 1986
YES!!! I'm pregnant. I'm in the 7th week. I can't wait till it's there. I'm so happy!

November 17, 1986
I have nightmares. I am so scared that I will lose this baby too. The doctor said it's too early to get an ultrasound done, or to hear the heart. I have to wait. I'm hoping....I haven't gained any weight yet on the scale, but I DID gain in circumference on my belly. It's 6 cm bigger already. My pants don't fit very well anymore. David keeps giving my belly hugs and kisses it. He knows that there is a baby growing in my tummy. He loves the baby already.. I hope it stays that way.

December 3, 1986
I went to my first ultrasound today. But he couldn't see my baby yet. but he could see that the uterus was bigger.

December 12, 1986
I had another ultrasound today. I hope the nightmares will stop now. I heard the heart pump and I saw it too. My baby is ok. I love it. I hope it's going to be a girl, but the main thing is that it will be healthy. I already quit drinking and I haven't had alcohol in a while now. I even cut back on the Coke as well. I have a really low blood pressure (100/55) and not enough iron (10.5). I threw up once this week.

December 14, 1986
David is going to have a sister or a brother. He's now 90 cm tall and weighs 31 lbs. He only needs one more tooth. He's almost completely potty trained during the day. He talks so much more than he should be at his age. I'm really proud of him. I hope he won't be jealous of his baby brother or sister.

December 24, 1986
We just got our apartment. We're going to move on the 29th. It's Bldg 8021 Apt. 2B, 6587 Baumholder, Germany!