January 1984
Dr. Diez took a urine sample and hooray I'm pregnant! I already went to him in the middle of December, but he had told me that I wasn't pregnant at that time. I took a hometest 3 days ago and I didn't really see if it was a yes or no, but Doug and I both thought I was pregnant. Now I have to quit any type of alcohol. I have to slow down smoking too if not quit. I would like to quit, cause it's better for my baby. I can't take any more medication as well, so I have to deal with the headaches as long as I can before I take any meds. Now a baby is growing inside of me. Doug and my baby and I'm so proud of it!

February 1984
I lost my job, cause I was pregnant before I was working there for 3 months. But Doug and I don't care. We will get along with Doug's income. I can't wear any tied pants anymore, cause it hurts my belly. I don't have a whole lot to wear anymore. I got a pair of pants from my Mom. Dr. Diez started with the real check ups. He hasn't been able to hear any heartbeat yet though. I'm too fat for that. Skinny women can hear the heartbeat earlier.

March 1984
I went to my first ultrasound. I had to drink a whole lot of water before they could see my baby. I saw the heartbeat, but nothing else. The doctors there said that my uterus was too far in back to see it really good. I was 9 weeks pregnant. I'm glad I don't have to work anymore. I don't smoke very much anymore. All of my clothes are already too small. I gained 5 lbs. My blood pressure is pretty normal at (130 over 80) and my urine is fine too. The heartbeat is ok as well.

March 30, 1984
today I'm writing with an ink that smells like strawberries. I haven't written in a long time. IN the meantime, I've already been married for 6 months. Besides that, I'm going into my 5th month of pregnancy really soon. I'm really all the way happy. Doug and I never had a real fight yet. And we love each other like crazy. Nicole is having problems with Michael R. He's hitting her. Andrea S. now lives in Wingsbach and doesn't really seem to be very happy either. Both of Nicole's brothers are wanting to get a divorce. If I'm going to have a boy, he's going to be David Douglas. I met Uschi. She is married to a black guy and has a five month old son. Trish is going to get a divorce from John and Kim moved to Hanau. She gave birth to a little girl who is 5 months old now. I met Cole and his wife and they have a 2 year old daughter Erica. Andrea B. had a car accident and her and Thomas broke of their relationship. Jacky, my cousin got married on New Years and PV, my other cousin is now stationed in Schweinsfurt. I'm pretty happy with my life right now. I think I found in Doug what I was always looking for. He is the love of my life. On April 24th, we want to go to Holland for the tulips and in May we want to go to Paris. I want to buy a couch and a bedroom set. I have to go wash the dishes.

March/April 1984
I can really forget about wearing any of my former wardrobe. I gained another 2 pounds. Doug is going to be there when the baby is born. That really relieves some pressure off of me. Mom bought me a stroller (she gave me the money and I bought it). Then she gave me 50 DM worth of clothing she bought off of Frau Stein. I got 4 outfits and 4 blankets from Doug's family as well. We can't wait for our baby. If it's a boy, we're going to name him David-Douglas Boggus and if it's a girl she's going to be Jenniffer-Alice Boggus. I threw up twice this month. Once cause of Mayonnaise and once cause of some fat sausage I ate.

April/May 1984
I went to another ultrasound. The head is already 4.2 cm round. I gained 4 kg since February. I still have a normal blood pressure. I'm thinking about changing my doctor, cause the one I have doesn't seem to take the check-ups too seriously. I quit smoking quite a while ago by the way.

May 19, 1984
It's knocking in my tummy. Our Baby is starting to kick. It can hear me now too. I love my baby. In the morning when Doug goes to work, I talk to our baby all the time. In the evening I pet it so it will go to sleep. If I put Doug's hand on my belly, it quits kicking.

May 20, 1984
It started to knock in my belly yesterday, right when I was getting ready to go to sleep. At first I wanted to say "come in", but then I thought I would have to say "Come out!"... Are you a boy or a girl? Well I guess I will find out soon enough. The main thing is that you're going to be healthy! And only you will know if you're coming out October 2nd, September 30th, or whenever. Does it hurt you when I lay on my belly? Does it hurt you when I sleep with your Daddy? Is it bad for you that I have so little water? Does it hurt you if I drink soda? I don't think I will ever get an answer to any of those questions. I'm so proud of you already and I love you so much. You are Doug and my child. Our Darling. I want to do anything in my power to make you feel good.

May 24, 1984
This morning I was reading the Parents magazine. I know one thing: I will always listen to you and be there for you when you need me. I would like to go to work again later, when you go to school, but only part-time, so I can be there for you when you get home from school. I want to write a song for you, but I don't know if I can think of anything. Well, I guess we'll see.

May 26, 1984
I'm scared for you, cause I'm not doing very well. I already have been feeling bad since Friday. I love you so much and I don't want that you feel bad. I think you're in the process of kicking right now. I have to go to the doctor this afternoon, then I'll find out what's going on. Later: I'm doing ok.

May 1984
Doug and I saw the baby via ultrasound again. I go to Dr. Haselmeyer now. Our baby had his fists in front of his face. The head is now 5.4 cm. Everything is ok. This doctor does thorough check-ups. I like him. He can't say if it's a boy or girl. He told me I would be able to nurse my baby. My blood pressure is 125 over 80. I feel good. I went to my first Lamaze class. I want to have a natural birth. I love my baby a lot. I have a little pain when I sit. Doug felt the baby move.

June/July 1984
My belly is really big by now. I had an ultrasound on June 19th. We laughed, cause the baby waved at us. He pushed the unit away again with his elbow. His head is 6.8 cm big. I don't have enough iron. I went swimming and my belly hurt afterward. On July 12th we found out that it's a boy. Doug was so happy. I can't wait for my little boy.

August 24, 1984
Not much longer and you'll be born. The doctor said you're going to be a boy. I think I actually saw your penis as well in the last ultrasound, but I'm not 100 % sure. Only when I hold you in my arms will I know if you're a boy or a girl. I can't wait till you're here. I think and I hope that I will be a good mommy to you. I love you so much.

October 8, 1984
In the middle of January I noticed that David Douglas Boggus moved into my tummy. I ate some kind of fat sausage and the baby decided it didn't like it, so there it went. I also saw him with Ultrasound. In April I quit smoking completely. He doesn't like Mayonnaise either. Every time I went to the doctor, I was able to hear my little boys heart. In May I had another Ultrasound. On May 19th I felt him kick for the first time. And the end of May, Doug saw him for the first time. In July I was told that it was going to be a boy. I love him soooo much! I always tried to grab his little feet when he was kicking, or I was slapping his butt and won't let him sleep during the day so I can sleep during the night. I talked a lot to my baby while being pregnant too. On September 15th, the baby started to work its way downward. I already thought something was wrong and went to the hospital. Also on September 26th to the 27th in the night. Thursday night on October 4th, he was really working hard on trying to get out of there. I had contractions every 10 minutes. Friday morning I went to the doctor and had them check me and said that I should deliver by 8:00 pm that evening. But, David wasn't about to mess up my birthday present. At 11:35, my water broke and that made the pain worse. I still was only 3 cm dilated. At 3:00 am, they gave me a muscle relaxer thinking that this would help my body open the birth channel. At 5:00 am I was finally allowed to push. I had to push 6 times and he was born. It was 5:14 am. I was so happy! I had them put him on my tummy before they even cleaned him off. Doug, who was there the whole time, gave him a bath later. Afterward they gave him back to me and two hours later we were back in our normal room. I was sooo thirsty! It didn't take long when they took David and they didn't give him back to me until 12:30 pm. He had to go into the incubator for just a little bit, cause he couldn't keep his body temperature up. I was really sad about that. After lunch I went and got him back. I went and saw him three times before that though. Once my parents were with me. The nursing didn't work right away, but the nurse showed us how to do it. Doug brought someone too and Gerhard and Manuela came too. Little Oma came as well. I went home on the third day. David was really nice too.

October 13, 1984
Today my Mom watched David. He was really nice too, but when I took him home he wasn't tired at all. I was mad. He peed in Mom's bed too. In the afternoon he pooped on himself from top to bottom. Yuck!

October 19, 1984
David already went on his first vacation on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. We went to Garmisch-Paten Kirchen and looked at castles. Two of the Ludwig the 2nd castles and one of his Dad's. David was really good for us.

October 30, 1984
I accidentally let David fall from a chair today. I'm glad nothing happened. I went to the doctor right away and cried, but the doctor told me he'll be ok.

October 31, 1984
I called the nursing group this morning, cause my breast kept being empty. They told me that he's growing rapidly and so he eats more and that my breasts will adjust the amount they produce. Then I called at the Consulate, so we can have an American birth certificate for David. I'm giving David a bath. He loves to take baths.

November 5, 1984
Last night and this morning David had colic. I ate Tacos and Doug ended up shaking David cause he cried. I didn't realize until the morning hours that he could have colics.

November 12, 1984
Today David slept 6 hours straight during the day. I bought him a new pacifier and he actually takes that one. Manuela is visiting us today. She changed David's diaper twice. Doug is sleeping and Buck is bored.

November 18, 1984
David almost drove me crazy last night. He would take my breast, eat for just a second, then spit it out and scream. I kept trying to have him nurse, but he kept spitting it out. I changed his diaper, which wasn't full, carried him around and he still cried. I tried to burp him, but nothing helped. Finally he just fell asleep. He must've been so tired he just cried.

November 21, 1984
Last night David was screaming again. I even made him a bottle, but he didn't want that either. Now he's quiet and tries himself in laughing out loud.

December 13, 1984
David almost fell from the changing-table, but I caught him in time. I was trying to take pictures with him on the table.

December 15, 1984
We had David christened today.

December 19, 1984
David slept 7 1/2 hours during the night!

December 20, 1984
David slept 10 hours last night. I can't even tell you how happy I am!

December 23, 1984
Today Doug and I accidentally let David fall off of the bed. It was ok though, cause we have really soft carpet and the bed is really low.

December 29, 1984
Today we went on our trip to the states with the plane. David was really nice.

December 30, 1984
Today we met Renee, David Allen and Dad for the first time. We already went a little sight seeing too.

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